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News Articles

NEWSProcessed food raises cancer risk

February 19th 2018

Your cancer risk increases with the amount of processed food—such as bread, cakes, snacks, sweets ...

NEWSSugary soda and cola drinks reduce fertility

February 15th 2018

A couple who drink even one can of cola or soda a day reduce their chances of starting a family—an...

NEWSHalf of all cancers caused by poor lifestyle

December 4th 2017

Cancer isn't always 'just one of those things'. In fact, nearly half of all cases need never have ha...

NEWS'Healthy' energy drinks cause kidney damage and hypertension

November 20th 2017

... of coffee—trigger a range of serious health problems, from stress, raised blood pressure, obesity and kidney damage, a new review has found.

NEWSEating spinach and drinking green tea reduces your dementia risk

August 2nd 2017

Eating leafy green vegetables, eggs and avocados and washing them down with plenty of green tea is o...

NEWSThe three healthy ways that can add 11 years to your life

August 2nd 2017

Everyone talks about adopting a healthier lifestyle—but how many years does it actually add to you...

NEWSScientists devise the ultimate anti-cancer diet

June 15th 2017 in Nutrition and diet

Scientists have come up with the ultimate anti-cancer diet that could prevent—and even reverse—t...

NEWSStart eating nuts to stop cancer recurring, survivors told

May 22nd 2017

Eating a handful of nuts every week should form part of every cancer survivor's diet. Nuts—and esp...

NEWSAvocado really is a superfood that can combat metabolic syndrome

April 12th 2017 in Diabetes

Avocado is one of the 'superfoods', and the hype seems justified. The fruit slows, and even reverses...

NEWSDoctor discovers ‘new’ organ that could be linked to inflammatory bowel disease and diabetes

January 9th 2017 in Diabetes

The practise of medicine may go back thousands of years—but only last week a doctor has discovered...


FEATUREDoctors' declaration of independence

December 2017 (Vol. 28 Issue 9) in Diabetes, Diseases, Drugs

Put the patient first and talk about diet and exercise instead of prescribing drugs, says a group of...

FEATUREStrong in the knees

October 2017 (Vol. 28 Issue 7)

Look after your body's largest joints with these simple stretching and strengthening exercises, says...


February 2017 (Vol. 27 Issue 11) in Diabetes

It’s the sugar from carbs—not the fats from meat—that cause heart disease, and now doctors are...

FEATUREAre you an apple or a pear?

July 2016 (Vol. 27 Issue 4)

Medicine still relies on the BMI score to determine who is overweight or obese—but it’s not an a...

FEATUREA microscopic solution - The best gut bugs to lose weight

March 2016 (Vol. 26 Issue 12) in Drugs, Environment

Scientists have identified a microscopic universe of tiny microbes in our gut that seems to have a g...

FEATUREBursting out of the one-size-fits-all diet

January 2016 (Vol. 26 Issue 10) in Diabetes

What’s the best weight loss diet? Researchers have discovered that it’s a highly individual affair

FEATUREThe not-so-sweet truth

October 2015 (Vol. 26 Issue 7) in Diabetes

When it comes to sugary drinks, the facts are inescapable, says Rob Verkerk

FEATURESweet not-so-nothings

July 2015 (Vol. 26 Issue 4) in Diabetes, Diseases

Artificial sweeteners may have zero calories, but they cause weight gain by boosting blood sugar and...

FEATURESugar babies

June 2015 (Vol. 26 Issue 3) in Diabetes, Diseases, Drugs

Feline diabetes can be controlled with the right diet and supplements, says natural vet Dr Paul BolandQ

FEATUREStaying sharp

May 2015 (Vol. 26 Issue 2) in Diseases

My family seems to be plagued by Alzheimer's disease and dementia, although I'm unclear about what t...

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