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180 results found for hypertension in News/features

News Articles

NEWSCox-2: still bleeding after all these years

April 1st 1990 in Drugs

The COX-2 inhibitors have been hailed as the great new hope in pain-relief therapy, and especially f...

NEWSSome like it hot: even if they do have high blood pressure

April 1st 1990

You have a heart problem or high blood pressure

NEWSBack to plan b: breakthrough cancer drug can kill

April 1st 1990

It's been just a few short months since Avastin (bevacizumab) was being hailed as the great new brea...

NEWSWhich heart drug?: diuretics win the day

April 1st 1990 in Drugs

You've just been diagnosed with a heart problem, or perhaps high blood pressure has been detected

NEWSAlzheimer's: now let's try an arthritis drug for it (or; the resourcef

April 1st 1990 in Drugs

Most of us know that there's very little similarity between arthritis and Alzheimer's disease, other...

NEWSHooray! the drugs work: but then again, they don't

April 1st 1990 in Diabetes, Drugs

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is easily treated with dietary changes and other modifications...

NEWSBlood pressure: it's enough to make your blood boil

April 1st 1990 in Drugs

What is a 'health condition' that therefore needs drug intervention? Well, it's pretty much what the...

NEWSHealthy teeth: healthy body

April 1st 1990

Our teeth can be an important indicator of our health in the rest of our body

NEWSMenopause: well, can i interest you in a powerful antidepressant? (or:

April 1st 1990 in Women's health

Readers of last week's E-news will know that the pharmaceutical industry has lost one of its best mo...


FEATUREAcne: what works, what doesn't

October 1996 (Vol. 7 Issue 7) in Diabetes, Drugs, Respiratory

Q:I am 36 and have had bad acne since puberty

FEATUREEveryday alternatives: what really works

October 1996 (Vol. 7 Issue 7)

Stroke prevention, like heart disease prevention, is largely a matter of common sense

FEATURECalcium heart drugs may cause cancer

October 1996 (Vol. 7 Issue 7) in Drugs

Pressure to remove calcium antagonists, given to treat hypertension (high blood pressure), from the market is likely to grow following new research suggest...


August 1996 (Vol. 7 Issue 5)

Overweight people often dream about a magic bullet that will make them slim overnight

FEATUREDiet reduces blood pressure

August 1996 (Vol. 7 Issue 5) in Drugs

About 50 million Americans have high blood pressure (hypertension), yet it can be easily treated with a combination of a low fat diet, weight loss and ex...

FEATURECalcium blockers: bleeding dangers

July 1996 (Vol. 7 Issue 4) in Drugs

Calcium antagonists are one of the most popular group of drugs for treating high blood pressure (hypertension) and they are the most likely to cause severe stomach bleeding in the elderly

FEATURENicotine patches

February 1996 (Vol. 6 Issue 11) in Drugs

Q:How safe are the nicotine patches for stopping smoking? Do they really work? J McB, Washington, DC

FEATUREDrugs for weight loss

September 1995 (Vol. 6 Issue 6) in Drugs

Medicine peddles two types of drugs to help us lose weight: amphetamines and drugs which act on the ...

FEATURELooking after your bones

May 1995 (Vol. 6 Issue 2)

Joint replacement is recommended as a way of alleviating pain and improving mobility in sufferers of...

FEATUREThe drug free solution

March 1995 (Vol. 5 Issue 12) in Diseases, Drugs

It has been shown that body weight is a major contributory factor to high blood pressure (BMJ, 1988;...

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