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News Articles

NEWSWhy breakfast is the most important meal of the day

October 9th 2017

Everybody knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day—and researchers have now prov...

NEWSIt's never too late to start a healthy diet

September 29th 2017 in Diabetes

It's never too late. People who take up a healthy diet in their middle age—and even up to the age ...

NEWSNHS spends just £92,000 a year on homeopathic prescriptions—but may still ban them

September 25th 2017 in Drugs

The UK's National Health Service (NHS) spends just £92,000 a year on prescriptions for homeopathic ...

NEWSAntidepressants increase risk of premature death by 33%

September 20th 2017 in Drugs

Antidepressants don't just increase the risk of suicide—people taking the drugs are 33 per cent mo...

NEWSDark chocolate, olive oil and coffee: the 3 essentials for a long and healthy life

September 11th 2017

Start adding dark chocolate, coffee and olive oil to your daily diet to have a long and healthy life...

NEWSCut sitting time by just 20 minutes a day to reduce heart risk

September 7th 2017 in Diabetes, Heart Health

We all sit around too much. But we don't have to spend hours and hours exercising to redress the bal...

NEWSIt's inflammation—and not cholesterol—that causes heart disease, major 25-year study says

September 6th 2017

Heart disease has little to do with cholesterol levels (as we've been saying for the past decade or ...

NEWSAntibiotics block our immune system from fighting the bugs

September 4th 2017 in Drugs

Antibiotics can be life-saving drugs—but they also weaken our immune system and lower our defences...

NEWSMind and matter: meditation lowers inflammation in the body

August 29th 2017 in Diabetes

Yoga and meditation can help regulate the body's inflammation levels, one of the keys to many of tod...

NEWSVaping: just one e-cigarette starts first stages of heart disease

August 16th 2017

E-cigarettes or vaping really aren't the healthier option. Smoking one for just five minutes can sta...


FEATUREHealing cancer in the kitchen

October 2017 (Vol. 28 Issue 7)

Both Ivan and Beth Misner have fought cancer with a variety of alternative methods, but the mainstay...

FEATUREThalidomide: the drug that won’t go away

October 2017 (Vol. 28 Issue 7) in Diseases, Drugs

Young women are still taking the drug that caused thousands of birth deformities more than 50 years ago

FEATUREMind over illness

October 2017 (Vol. 28 Issue 7)

Lynne McTaggart set out to test whether thoughts can affect scientific targets in lab experiments, b...

FEATUREReversing the irreversible

September 2017 (Vol. 28 Issue 6) in Diabetes, Drugs

The soaring rate of sugar disease comes with a brutal price tag: lives, limbs, poor health and high ...

FEATUREHealed from head to toe

September 2017 (Vol. 28 Issue 6) in Diabetes, Drugs

Here are WDDTY's nine best ways to beat a case of gout

FEATUREThe dangers of bottled water

September 2017 (Vol. 28 Issue 6) in Drugs, Environment

In order to drink pure water, most of us are spending more on bottled water than petrol. But, as Cat...

FEATUREThe gold standard for removing mercury

August 2017 (Vol. 28 Issue 5) in Dental

Holistic dentist Graeme Munro-Hall shares his protocol for removing your amalgam fillings safely

FEATUREYou gotta have heart

July 2017 (Vol. 28 Issue 4) in Diseases

Universities like Harvard extol the virtues of meditation and the 'relaxation response', but a small...

FEATUREFeed your head

June 2017 (Vol. 28 Issue 3)

Low thyroid doesn't just make you sluggish—it also affects your brain. Marc Ryan, who treats many ...

FEATUREThe herb that kills cancer

June 2017 (Vol. 28 Issue 3)

Growing evidence shows that magnolia bark effectively combats cancer, as Dr Harald Gaier accidentall...

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