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News Articles

NEWSLow back pain is common—but medicine has few answers

April 12th 2017 in Drugs

Low back pain is one of the most common ailments, and half of those afflicted suffer with it their e...

NEWSStatins raise type 2 diabetes risk by 60 per cent

April 10th 2017 in Diabetes, Drugs

Cholesterol-lowering statins do raise the risk of type 2 diabetes, a major new review has confirmed....

NEWSFat-soluble vitamins make antibiotics effective against the superbugs

April 3rd 2017 in Drugs antibiotics effective against superbugs, so-named because they have become resistant to the drugs.

NEWSCommon drug for bladder problems linked to dementia

March 29th 2017 in Drugs

Doctors are routinely prescribing a drug to treat overactive bladder that can trigger dementia. The ...

NEWSVets learn how to use acupuncture

March 29th 2017

Vets in Switzerland are being trained to use acupuncture on a herd of cows. It's part of a wider pro...

NEWSHigh blood pressure? Get a second opinion

March 22nd 2017 in Drugs

If your doctor says you have high blood pressure (hypertension), get a second opinion: around 20 per...

NEWSDiabetes reversed in four months by changing the diet

March 20th 2017 in Diabetes, Drugs

Type 2 diabetes doesn't have to be a life sentence—it can be reversed in just four months by cutti...

NEWSDiscovery of secret papers gives new hope to parents fighting drug company

March 20th 2017 in Drugs

A secret stash of research papers has been uncovered that gives new hope to families fighting for co...

NEWSMost specialists in the pay of Big Pharma—but the patients don't know

March 13th 2017 in Drugs

Most people visit a doctor who is getting some payment from a drug company—but have no idea of the...

NEWSYoga and breathing better than drugs for lifting depression

March 6th 2017 in Drugs

Yoga and deep breathing exercises twice a week can lift major depression. With antidepressant drugs failing in half of all cases, it's an effective alternative that really does work, say researchers.


FEATURENews drugs for children

December 2005 (Vol. 16 Issue 9) in Drugs

Now that we're rid of those vitamins

FEATURESuicidal patients: cognitive therapy works better than drugs

November 2005 (Vol. 16 Issue 8) in Drugs

Suicidal patients are likely to attempt suicide again, and so they are given very powerful drugs to suppress their feelings

FEATUREDrugs drug alerts

November 2005 (Vol. 16 Issue 8) in Drugs

In 1996 Advair (salmeterol plus fluticasone propionate) was tested for its safety against a placebo,...

FEATURELoss of taste from a drug cocktail?

September 2005 (Vol. 16 Issue 6) in Drugs

My 84-year-old husband has been on a combination of drugs for the last five years

FEATUREMorning sickness

September 2005 (Vol. 16 Issue 6) in Drugs

The nausea and vomiting of pregnancy (NVP) - 'morning sickness' - is common in early pregnancy

FEATUREAsthma drugs and immune function.

August 2005 (Vol. 16 Issue 5) in Drugs

...sthma medications montelukast and zafirlukast can affect immunity? I suspect that taking these drugs for four years has eroded my immune system to the point where a hypersensitivity to EMFs has d...

FEATUREAntipsychotics increase death risk in elderly

June 2005 (Vol. 16 Issue 3) in Drugs

The maverick practice of off-label prescribing - giving drugs for unapproved conditions/patients - is once again in the limelight

FEATUREThings that cause a loss of memory memory loss

July 2005 (Vol. 16 Issue 4) in Drugs

* Tranquillisers* Beta-blockers* Steroids such as prednisolone* Epilepsy drugs such as Zonegran* Parkinson drugs such as levodopa* Antidepressants such as Prozac* Amalgam de...

FEATUREMany drugs are known to cause leukaemias

April 2005 (Vol. 16 Issue 1) in Drugs

Re WDDTY vol 15 no 11, I hope Mrs S

FEATUREReaders' alert:drug side-effects

April 2005 (Vol. 16 Issue 1) in Drugs

I have just read your article on pneumonia (WDDTY vol 15 no 11), in which I was quite interested, as...

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