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202 results found for arthritis in News/features

News Articles

NEWSSunshine can help prevent rheumatoid arthritis

November 22nd 2017 in Diseases

...taining high levels of vitamin D can help prevent inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

NEWSArthritis has nothing to do with old age (or wear and tear)

August 23rd 2017

Arthritis of the knee isn't just one of those things that happen when we get older. It's a preventab...

NEWSSomething in the air: bricklayers three times more likely to suffer from rheumatoid arthritis

August 17th 2017

Something in the air seems to trigger rheumatoid arthritis, the disease of the immune system. 'Noxious airborne agents' have been blamed after resear...

NEWSBenefits of some operations could be down to the placebo effect, says leading surgeon

June 15th 2017

Many surgical procedures are risky and unnecessary—and any improvements the patient may feel after...

NEWSWhy a low-carb diet is the key to fighting cancer and heart disease

June 2nd 2017 in Diseases

...ould kick-start the immune system and fight cancer and diseases such as heart problems and arthritis, say scientists this week.

NEWSThe truth about arthritis: it's nothing to do with 'wear and tear'

May 17th 2017

Osteoarthritis isn't an inevitable disease of older age—it can be avoided with a healthy diet and exerc...

NEWSEastern pots of gold

March 31st 2017 in Diabetes

Acclaimed nutritionist and naturopath Kirtsten Hartwig shares another Middle-Eastern recipe bursting...

NEWSRunning could help prevent osteoarthritis

December 28th 2016

...nter-intuitive—but running reduces inflammation in the knee, and could help prevent osteoarthritis, a disease that’s usually attributed to wear and tear.

NEWSCook that chicken through

December 26th 2016 in Drugs

If you like to eat chicken, make sure it’s cooked all the way through. Undercooked chicken can har...

NEWSYoga breathing is doing what antidepressants can’t for severe depression

November 28th 2016 in Drugs

Antidepressants aren’t working for more than half the people suffering from severe and chronic dep...


FEATUREHow I beat arthritis

February 2018 (Vol. 28 Issue 11) in How I Beat

Lauren Vaknine ended up in a wheelchair after taking a powerful medication to treat her arthritis. But thanks to a holistic approach, she's now symptom free

FEATURE'How I beat knee pain'

November 2017 (Vol. 28 Issue 8) in Drugs

As a child growing up in South Africa, Angela MacRitchie was a talented ballet dancer and gymnast.

FEATUREStrong in the knees

October 2017 (Vol. 28 Issue 7)

Look after your body's largest joints with these simple stretching and strengthening exercises, says...

FEATUREHealed from head to toe

September 2017 (Vol. 28 Issue 6) in Diabetes, Drugs

Here are WDDTY's nine best ways to beat a case of gout

FEATURETen-finger exercise

August 2017 (Vol. 28 Issue 5)

Computers and smartphones have given rise to a host of chronic pain in the hands. Here's how to avoi...

FEATUREMaking waves

June 2017 (Vol. 28 Issue 3) in Environment

You don't need gravity or even solid ground to get a powerful workout, says Charlotte Watts. Try the...

FEATUREEnding knee pain without drugs or surgery

March 2017 (Vol. 27 Issue 12) in Drugs

If you've been offered only a long list of drugs or surgery for your knee pain, pain specialist Dr M...

FEATURE24 ways to beat arthritis

December 2016 (Vol. 27 Issue 9) in Diabetes, Drugs

We’ve identified 24 alternatives with solid evidence of success in treating arthritis. The days of being pain-free are not far away.

FEATUREArthritis drugs vs supplements

March 2016 (Vol. 26 Issue 12)

In our new feature, we pit supplements against standard drugs for arthritis to see what works best

FEATUREDifferent strokes - How I'm beating arthritis

March 2016 (Vol. 26 Issue 12) in Drugs

Sarah Gall couldn’t cope with the powerful painkillers her doctor prescribed for her arthritis, so she took an entirely different approach. Now she’s so glad she did!

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