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Blog posts

Bryan Hubbard

Taking the credit

May 30th 2019, 5:06PM

...ind has been the defeat of 11 major infectious diseases—including cholera, scarlet fever, smallpox, whooping cough and measles—which accounted for 40 percent of all deaths in the United St...

Lynne McTaggart

Strange bedfellows

June 1st 2010, 10:23AM

...'s main line of focus became infectious disease. In 1980 the WHO triumphantly declared that smallpox had been wiped off the face of the earth and set, as its next target, the eradication of po...

Forum posts

Current Measles outbreak and media hype

April 21st 2013, 9:15AM

... a listAnthrax vaccine was behind gulf war syndromeHepatitis B vaccine was behind AIDS in USSmallpox vaccine was behind AIDS in AfricaStudy the history of vaccines. You will find that people w...

Vaccination has never been scientifically proved to produce immunity

May 12th 2010, 3:53PM

... wide spread carnage caused in the past from such diseases as cholera, typhoid, diphtheria, smallpox, scarlet fever, measles, tuberculosis and whooping cough. Many people will therefore be ver...

Vaccines - Be Very Afraid....

October 3rd 2009, 1:25AM Robin says is true. Never trust a vaccination programme ever again. When We irradicated smallpox- We made it up. When We irradicated polio- We made it up. We made it all up, drugs and medi...

Vaccines Don't Work At All...Interview with Dr.Lorraine Day

August 31st 2009, 12:41PM

...5)o In 1871-2, England, with 98% of the population aged between 2 and 50 vaccinated against smallpox, it experienced its worst ever smallpox outbreak with 45,000 deaths. During the same period...

Cervarix and Gardasil

August 16th 2008, 4:22PM like' is also applicable to the philosophy of vaccination. Let me remind you that deadly smallpox was eradicated only due to successful vaccination campaigns throughout the world.


November 28th 2007, 2:25PM

...aet Method to cure an allergy to milk products, with no change.I have had two vaccinations (smallpox and diphtery) when I was a child because these were compulsory; but with my mother - who wa...

Vaccine side effects

November 24th 2007, 9:15AM

there must be 50 books written against vaccination, plus the smallpox ones--I have 30 of those on my site, yet the hoax still trundles on no one would ever read ...

hepatitis B vaccine

September 10th 2007, 2:36AM

...s showing a connection between the vaccines against polio, diphtheria, measles, tetanus and smallpox, and the development of multiple sclerosis (also considered an autoimmune disease) several ...

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