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Itchy skin

March 29th 2011, 1:49PM

...face which helped tremendously. Maybe something you are eating? Also exercise running, yoga, pilates all would help. Best of luck

High blood pressure

May 4th 2010, 11:46AM

...m the Nutri Centre. Make sure you have some form of structured relaxation (meditation, yoga, pilates) and also exercise.

Ache in left buttock and upper thigh

December 20th 2009, 9:18PM

...Machine - which I use often when sitting and sometimes to sleep at night3. Stretching - yoga/pilates or any related exercise that involves the gluteus area does provide short term relief. I hav...

Hormonal problems

October 2nd 2009, 8:22AM

... kinds of therapies, including medication from her Dr. She eats a totally organic diet, does Pilates regularly and runs every day to help herself. The first part of her cycle is reasonably OK a...

Newly diagnosed Capsulitis (Frozen shoulder) and back pain... help?

August 26th 2009, 3:46PM

...oulder . Is there anything I can do to help myself? I'm going to take up Yoga again or maybe Pilates. I'm a 40 year old woman, 3 children, not over or under weight (non meat or fish eater for a...


July 21st 2009, 12:58PM

... muscle to clear toxic metabolites which trigger the above problems. This may be why yoga or Pilates exercises are often helpful in fibromyalgia. However do not use painkillers to allow exercis...

Addison's Disease

February 25th 2009, 11:09AM

...n. Total avoidance of all drugs, other than those prescribed by a doctor will be best. Yoga, pilates or Tai Chi might be beneficial. Yoga breathing is claimed, over time, to help balance the gl...

Oesteo Arthritis

January 13th 2009, 8:13PM

...y taken some Alexander Technique lessons and these were really helpful. Also gentle yoga and Pilates stretching exercises really help with the pain and stiffness.The Aloe Vera drink recommended...

Chronic lower back pain, no one has been able to help...

December 17th 2008, 3:55PM

...t! What I found most helpful was massage, then McTimoney Chiropractic (very gentle) and then pilates, which targeted the specific muscle weakness/imbalance in my hip and allowed me to stengthen...

Constant tiredness and pain

December 9th 2008, 6:43PM drink. Practice slow and steady deep breathing before or during this exercise.4. Tai Chi, Pilates or Yoga are worth a try. Seek out a class locally if available. Seek advice or counselling r...

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