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urethral caruncle

October 29th 2014, 8:38AM

...use (67) so I am reluctant to do this as apparently phyto-oestrogens raise the risk of breast cancer considerably.Any tips? Has anyone else had this, and if so, how have they dealt with this?

Intravenous vitamin c therapy for cancer

February 25th 2014, 4:12PM

Does anyone know of a doctor or clinic that does this in the UK?

Invasive Ductal Carcinoma

December 20th 2013, 4:41PM

Has anyone here had success using alternative cancer therapies with "Invasive Ductal Carcimoma"? My mother was just diagnosed 3 days ago. If you h...

Non cancerous lymphadaemia

October 21st 2013, 10:28PM

Would someone please help me I have met a lady at slimming world who suffers dreadfully from lymphod...

Breast Cancer - Herbal Treatment

July 7th 2013, 9:23PM

Advice needed for Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)

May 6th 2013, 3:24PM

...medicine, a lot many incurable diseases has been cured. I have also seen myself many cases of Cancer of the lungs, mouth, breast and colon and have given excellent results. I have not treated an...

Current Measles outbreak and media hype

April 21st 2013, 9:15AM throw them a little bone.Vaccines are behind the explosion of chronic diseases, autism and cancer.You want to research VACCINES in general ... not measles vaccinesThe vaccines were weaponized...

Post viral fatigue syndrome

April 21st 2013, 8:06AM

...n produce hundreds of symptoms.Vaccines have been behind the explosion of chronic disease and cancer in this world. Not everyone gets the disease in the same way. I knew a couple who both came d...

medication to reduce the production of hormones

March 5th 2013, 2:52PM

We have a female client who uses a preparation to reduce hormones, She has breast cancer and is afraid to use this medication. Can you tell us what the side effects are? thank you. R...

With deuterium depleted water against cancer

February 18th 2013, 10:48AM

...just wonder has anybody ever heard about a new complementary/alternative treatment option for cancer, which is based on the consumption of deuterium depleted water.A friend of mine recommended t...

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