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SITE EXCLUSIVE Organic Wines: Red, White, or Green?

July 4th 2008 /

These days, the smart wine to serve at dinner parties is not just red or white, but green-as in eco-friendly

SITE EXCLUSIVE Baby Foods: What's Best for Baby?

March 14th 2008 /

We all know we're experimental guinea pigs for the food industry

SITE EXCLUSIVE Dark Chocolate: Nice - and not at all naughty

January 16th 2008 /

Imagine this: your doctor takes your blood pressure, finds it's a bit on the high side and, rather than reaching for the prescription pad, tells you to go to the candy store and binge on chocolate

SITE EXCLUSIVE Dishing the Dirt on Dishwashing Liquids

November 14th 2007 /

Dishwashing detergents have never looked prettier or more harmless


October 10th 2007 /

As recently as 30 years ago, people who insisted on eating only organic food-if they could find it-were ridiculed as food faddists and cranks


August 7th 2007

Did you know that L'Oreal, the famous cosmetics manufacturer, makes a 'Kids 2 in 1' shampoo for children, marketed as "extra gentle"? What do you imagine it contains? Since it's for kids, you'd think it would be using only the safest ingredients

SITE EXCLUSIVE The best calcium supplements

June 14th 2007 /

They're touted as an insurance policy against osteoporosis, but which offers the best payoff?

SITE EXCLUSIVE The best high-street vitamins

June 14th 2007 /

They're cheap and plentiful, but will they do you any good at all?

SITE EXCLUSIVE The best Ginkgo biloba products

June 14th 2007 /

It can't just be the memorably exotic name nor the fact thatGinkgo biloba is a beautiful ornamental tree that has made it such abestseller in the herbal pharmacopoeia

SITE EXCLUSIVE The best garlic supplements

June 14th 2007 /

No other herb has served as many culinary and medicinal roles inas many cultures as garlic (Allium sativum L)

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