No drug company funding on this site

Many patient support and help web sites are not quite as independent as you might think. In fact, most receive some funding from drug companies, which influences the advice and information you read.

It’s a great way for drug companies to get across their message directly to the patient, and in a subtle, and discreet, way.

It’s a practice that has even got a name: drug companies call it ‘astroturfing’. As many of you will know, Astroturf is the fake grass surface that is used on football pitches. It appears real, it even looks real – but it’s not what it seems.

When the authoritative medical publication, the British Medical Journal, conducted a review of 29 patient support sites, they found that the sponsor – the drug company – had influenced 27 of them to such an extent that the information was biased and partial. Drug side effects were played down, drugs for specific conditions were over-promoted and claims for their effectiveness were overblown.

So you will be pleased to hear that we accept no drug company funding whatsoever. The information you will read on this site tells you the truth about drug dangers and about safer alternatives that have been proven to work.