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Latest Stories

NEWS Sore throats:

April 1st 1990

One woman reported several editions back that she had a throat bug, which was diagnosed by her homoeopath as the Coxsackie A1 virus, spread by air travel

NEWS Supplements: when they're better than food

April 1st 1990

Most doctors are of the view that vitamins and other supplements are a waste of money, and that we can get all our nutritional needs from the food we eat

NEWS Viagra: let's all take it every day (and that includes the women, too

April 1st 1990

As if the sales of Viagra (sildenafil), the drug for male impotence, weren't high enough already, one expert is recommending all men should take one Viagra pill a day to ward off any possible problems

NEWS Wakefield and mmr:

April 1st 1990

Quite a few of you have written letters of support for Dr Wakefield, who has been pilloried in the London Sunday Times over his research into a link between the MMR vaccine and autism

NEWS Take a breather: buteyko really can help asthma

April 1st 1990

The Buteyko breathing technique may offer genuine hope to asthma sufferers, a new clinical trial has found

NEWS Screening: what takes 10,000 women up to 35 years to achieve?

April 1st 1990

Screening is one of the golden means of medicine

NEWS Miscarriage: how it can be treated

April 1st 1990

Some women suffer repeated, early miscarriage, even at a relatively young age

NEWS Lymphoma:

April 1st 1990

Several of you have responded to the plight of a woman who is due to have a lymphoma under her collarbone cut out

NEWS As they taketh away, i: it's official - ginkgo may help tinnitus

April 1st 1990

Perhaps it's not all bad news for alternative medicine

NEWS Decaffeinated drinks:

April 1st 1990

Does the decaffeinating process make drinks unsafe to drink? Yes, they aren't great because the process involves the use of solvents, the residues of which are more toxic than the caffeine it is removing, explains a spokesman from Clipper, which supplies organic teas

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