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Latest Stories

NEWS Processed food raises cancer risk

February 19th 2018

Your cancer risk increases with the amount of processed food—such as bread, cakes, snacks, sweets and sodas—you eat. Eating 10 per cent more of the foods every day raises the chances of developing cancer by 12 per cent, a new study claims.

NEWS Infant formula manufacturers misleading parents with false health claims

February 16th 2018 /

Manufacturers of infant and toddler formula and drinks have been accused of misleading families into buying their "unnecessary and unsuitable" products in a damning new report.

NEWS Sugary soda and cola drinks reduce fertility

February 15th 2018

A couple who drink even one can of cola or soda a day reduce their chances of starting a family—and the impact on fertility of energy drinks could be even greater.

NEWS Dummy placebo pills help cancer patients overcome fatigue

February 14th 2018 /

Such is the healing power of the mind that placebo pills—'dummy' tablets that have no active chemical ingredients—are helping cancer survivors overcome fatigue, one of the worst conditions they have to endure after treatment has finished.

NEWS More than half of heart attacks never detected

February 12th 2018

Many of us may have suffered a heart attack without ever knowing it and yet lived to tell the tale without ever taking any medication. Around 63 per cent of heart attacks (myocardial infarctions, or MIs) are never picked up in routine examinations, a new study has discovered.

NEWS Common painkillers are changing the brain

February 9th 2018

After a mass shooting, people often suspect the perpetrator was on some medication that could have pushed him over the edge—and they could be right. Even everyday over-the-counter painkillers change the way the brain functions, and reduce empathy to others, a new study has discovered.

NEWS Pay-outs for medical blunders now 60% of annual NHS budget

February 8th 2018 /

Pay-outs for medical blunders have reached such a peak that they represent around 60 per cent of the UK's annual spend on healthcare. If the full £65bn compensation is paid to the families, the National Health Service (NHS) could be bankrupted, doctor groups have warned.

NEWS New whooping cough vaccine suspected of triggering rise in eczema and asthma cases

February 7th 2018 /

Around a quarter of small children suffer from an atopic disease, such as eczema, asthma or a food allergy—and a group of researchers suspects the pertussis (whooping cough) element of the DTP vaccination could be to blame.

NEWS Just standing for 30 minutes a day (instead of sitting) reduces heart attack risk

February 5th 2018

Replacing 30 minutes of sitting for some simple everyday activity, such as walking, housework or even standing, can have a dramatic effect on the health of your heart. This one simple change reduces your chances of a fatal heart attack by 24 per cent, a new research study has discovered.

NEWS PCOS linked to gut problems, researchers discover

February 1st 2018 /

As with so many other problems, PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), a hormonal imbalance that can lead to infertility, diabetes and heart disease, seems to begin in the gut.

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