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September 2020 (Vol. 5 Issue 6)

Harness the Powerful, Vital Energy Surrounding Us!
About the author: 

Harness the Powerful, Vital Energy Surrounding Us! image

Nowadays, it is undeniable that human beings have electromagnetic features.

It has been scientifically proven, and many diagnostic procedures in modern medicine are based on measuring our electromagnetic parameters, hence assessing the overall level of our physical health or functioning of certain organs. The best known methods are: ECG, EEG, EMG, magnetic resonance and others lesser known.

However, these diagnostics are not followed by appropriate methods of medical treatments but addressed by using pharmacological preparations which are increasingly questioned because of their inefficiency and horrific side effects. Is it reasonable that diseases are declared incurable and that treatments consist of a lifelong dependence on medication, if it is known that the same diseases were successfully treated a few decades ago?

Dr.Georges Lakhovsky and Nikola Tesla have achieved amazing results with application of their high-frequency oscillators and vortex antennas on a large number of patients with a variety of health problems. In the 1930's, they treated everything with above methods, for instance to remove affections on the face of their patients, their wrinkles disappeared, their skin tightened, and their hair became thicker. The patients were healed and in a way rejuvenated.

My Own Experience

Fascinated by this story with a few of my fellow doctors and engineers, we managed to procure and to make the most of the equipment and devices that were once used. We indeed managed to support our patients with problems they struggled with for years where conventional medicine could not help them for their issues.

Amongst all the devices we used, the most impressive was a polarization coil from which we have developed based on Lakhovsky's antenna, the polarization disc called PolarAid®. It is a small device with no supply of electrical power, but it achieves fantastic effects and results. As a doctor-gynecologist in the conventional medicine, I got frustrated to face my limits in helping my patients. I had to search for complementary ways of healing, so I completed the quantum medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, MRT, energy methods such as reconnection, reiki and some of the newer technologies of consciousness. I used the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic devices that go beyond today's conventional medicine by "thousands of years". But PolarAid® impressed me most. Many years of my learning, training and efforts were brought into question when I realized that without a single day of training, every individual, with PolarAid® in his/her hands, could use the PolarAid device in their own home for the purpose of self-healing as the body is able to reclaim lost energy and vitality.

For example, we have received testimonials from people who have used the PolarAid disc to help alleviate their sleep problems, gynecological issues, thyroid disorders, joint pains, hemorrhoids, and hormonal imbalances by applying the disc to certain zones on the body, men would recover their prostate, improve their libido, and therefore their sex life.

One way to use PolarAid® is to put it under a jug of water for 30 minutes. It will energize the water and boost its healing properties. Another way is to place it in the office or bedroom, where it will work to clean up harmful radiation or negative energy in the room. If you

keep it in your vicinity it provides an inexhaustible source of life energy.

We decided to sell PolarAid® at a very affordable price, which is not higher than a box of quality multivitamin supplements. In addition, a box of supplements will last 1-2 months, while PolarAid® has no expiry date and there is no need for its maintenance. A small investment will procure a life-long home energy support tool.


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