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July 2020 (Vol. 5 Issue 5)

Live in Harmony with EMFs
About the author: 

Live in Harmony with EMFs image

SPONSORED CONTENT - According to Professor Olle Johansson in the film Generation Zapped, Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) have increased 1 quintillion-fold over the past 10 years – that's 1,000,000,000,000,000,000!

EMFs cause indisputable adverse health effects

  • Research shows that official Safety Level Legislation is far from adequate.
  • There have been no safety tests involving multiple frequencies from multiple sources
  • We are all taking part in a massive experiment in contravention to the Nuremberg Code.
  • Since 1997, Authorities have ignored 37 different Appeals from all around the World.
  • France has banned WiFi from Primary schools in recognition that children, babies and foetuses are considerably more vulnerable.

EM radiation at higher frequencies is increasing on a huge scale

  • 5G is already in use with rapidly expanding coverage expected to reach 90% by 2027.
  • The Internet of Things, promises an exponential rise in Smart technology in the home.

Telecommunications technology has undoubted benefits and realistically isn't going to go away, so
we need to adopt practices and Compensating Magnetic Oscillation (CMO) technology to reduce
exposure to the minimum and mitigate the adverse effects.

CMO offers a proven solution

No other technology in this field has as much research and peer-reviewed studies as CMO.

For information on the adverse effects of EMFs, best practice to avoid them and further details on
CMO research, please visit

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