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NEWS Alert on epilepsy drug after link to birth defects proven

April 26th 2017 /

Young and pregnant women are being warned not to take the epilepsy drug valproate—marketed as Epilim, Depakine, Depakote and Stavzor—because it's likely to cause birth defects in the newborn. 'Serious malformations' have been reported in up to 4,100 children born in France alone.

NEWS Cycle to work to halve your heart disease and cancer risk

April 26th 2017 /

Your daily commute to work could save your life—provided you give up the train and car for walking or cycling, that is. A more active way of getting to the office can reduce your chances of heart disease or a fatal heart attack, and getting cancer.

NEWS Protests across Europe as countries plan compulsory vaccination

April 24th 2017

It's European Immunization Week—but not everyone's celebrating. Protests are being planned around Europe as some EU countries, including Austria, consider making vaccinations compulsory.

NEWS Fish oils repair stroke damage in the brain

April 24th 2017

Fish oils can help repair brain and eye cells that are damaged by a stroke, and neuro-degenerative and retinal diseases. The omega-3 fatty acids contain proteins that help the cells reprogramme themselves, scientists have discovered this week.

NEWS Magnesium is 'secret key' to good bone health

April 19th 2017

Think about improving the health of your bones, and calcium and vitamin D are the obvious choices that come to mind—but magnesium is just as important, a new study has found.

NEWS Soldiers with early signs of PTSD helped by tapping therapy

April 19th 2017

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)—often described as psychological acupressure—can help protect servicemen from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) when they return home from the horrors of war.

NEWS Exercise reduces chances of heart attack being lethal

April 19th 2017

Everyone knows that exercise can help prevent a heart attack—but, if you're still unlucky enough to suffer an attack, being active increases your chances of surviving.

NEWS Heart attack victims had normal levels of cholesterol

April 13th 2017

As if the cholesterol-heart disease theory wasn't discredited enough, a new study into a group of people who'd suffered a heart attack discovered that all of them had 'average' cholesterol levels.

NEWS You don't need dairy for bone health

April 13th 2017

Young people on 'fad' dairy-free diets are being urged to introduce milk and cheese back into their lives because their calcium levels could become perilously low—but they're not being told that the mineral is also in green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds.

NEWS Healthy gut bacteria protects against type 2 diabetes

April 13th 2017 /

In the end, it always seems to go back to the gut and how healthy it is. Diabetes is another disease that can be prevented if we have plenty of 'good' bacteria in our intestines, researchers have discovered this week.

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