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February 2020 (Vol. 4 Issue 12)

Hepatitis C
About the author: 

Hepatitis C image

A reader's colleague has been diagnosed with hepatitis C but her doctorhas decided not to treat it

A reader's colleague has been diagnosed with hepatitis C but her doctor has decided not to treat it. Do readers know of any safe, natural alternative methods of treatment?

Ozone Therapy

According to Anne, hepatitis C can be treated effectively with Ozone Therapy. The Finchley Clinic in London is one place that offers this type of treatment. See for more information.

Bowen Technique

Alastair, however, says the Bowen Technique is the way to go: "As a Bowen practitioner I treated a number of cases when I ran a clinic for over three years at the Blenheim Project in West London. They all responded well to it. Some would arrive with no energy at all (if they had the strength to make it there) but would bounce out revitalised after the treatment. None had an adverse effect."


Another option is to try homeopathy, which proved successful for one of our reader's friends: "A close friend, now 48-years-old, was cured with homeopathy. It took several years with a very good doctor, but she has been cured for more than 10 years now and is currently working 10-hour days. I'm sure her liver isn't perfect but tests show that it's in pretty good shape. She's able to work and live a full life."

Herbal Remedies

Alternatively, a combination of homeopathy and herbal remedies may help. According to Eleana, herbal remedies such as Chelidonium majus, Berberis vulgaris and Carduus marianus in conjunction with homeopathic remedies such as Nux Vomica and Lycopodium can be of immense benefit. However, she advises seeing a qualified practitioner to achieve the best results.


Another reader suggests a Molecular Oscillation Resonance Instrument (MORI) to treat hepatitis C, which is based on the scientific research of Royal Raymond Rife and Dr Hulda Regehr Clark. To find out more visit


Switching to an organic diet and avoiding alcohol completely may also help, according to Steve.

Finally, we have an encouraging story from a fellow hepatitis C sufferer:

"I was diagnosed with hepatitis C in January 2006 at 69 years of age. Three doctors, one of them an expert in hepatitis, prescribed the immediate conventional treatment of interferon. They told me that I still was in precirrhotic condition, but pretty soon I would get cirrhosis and then liver cancer unless I took the conventional treatment.

I read everything I could about hepatitis C, including the official reports of the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration), stating that the rate of temporary success of conventional treatment was 30-50 per cent, and that the success was associated with age - meaning that the probability of success in my case was very low.
To cut a long story short, I have been improving, day after day, with some homeopathy, a little acupuncture, a pretty strict diet (no eggs, no dairy products, no oil - only a little olive oil) and some changes in the way I deal with stress.

All the symptoms are gradually disappearing and the lab tests clearly reflect the improvement."

E-news broadcast 10 April 2007 No.349

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