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June 2020 (Vol. 5 Issue 4)

The Health Freedom Movement Protest March
About the author: 

The Health Freedom Movement Protest March image

The Health Freedom Movement has spent many months raising public awareness of the impending laws and liaising with many other health-freedom groups in Europe and the rest of the world

The Health Freedom Movement has spent many months raising public awareness of the impending laws and liaising with many other health-freedom groups in Europe and the rest of the world. Hundreds of thousands of our leaflets and posters have been handed out to health retail shops, health clinics and professional societies. It is our view that the government will only resist implementation of the three EU directives against natural medicine if it is clear how many people feel passionately about health freedom through an international protest march, scheduled to take place on 15 June.

The UK march will start in London, with participants coming from all parts of the British Isles. Prominent health freedom fighters in America are also coming to lend their support, including Frank Wiewal, founder of People Against Cancer, who helped to lead a protest against CODEX in Berlin in 1998. So far, groups in Italy, Norway, Ireland, France, New Zealand, Sweden, Germany, Australia and Japan are planning to march on the same day. Your generous donations have made it possible for us to hire Louise Lowrie as a full-time coordinator to handle the awesome organisational work necessary to carry out a march.

Gathering in London
All British participants in the International March for Health Freedom will gather in North Carriage of Hyde Park near Speaker's Corner at 11 am on Sunday, 15 June. At 12 o'clock noon, the march will commence down North Carriage to Piccadilly, then along Haymarket to terminate at Trafalgar Square, where speeches will be delivered. It is vital that you and everyone you know who cares about health freedom marches with us. Europe or the British government will only respond if they see an overwhelming public protest.

All protest marches require people to act as stewards, helping to shepherd people around the march, ensuring that they follow the correct route or assisting those who need help to get it (there will be many first-aid stations along our route).

We desperately need volunteers to be stewards on the day. If you would like to volunteer, send your address and telephone number via e-mail to Louise Lowrie at: If you run a clinic or health shop, please help us by organising the clients who visit your clinic or shop and consider hiring transportation (such as a coach) to travel to London for the day. Parking facilities will be available near the drop-off point in Hyde Park. We will provide you with full details nearer the date of the march. Please e-mail Louise if you can provide transportation for people in your area.

It's vital that our protest march on June 15 is a success. We need as many people as possible to turn up on the day, and you can play a vital role in helping this happen.

* Ask for more of our leaflets for distribution at your local health shop, alternative health clinic or community centre, for instance. Make sure your friends have a copy.

* Convince your local health shop to put up a poster. Surprisingly, few shops are doing this - and their customers need to know.

* E-mail information about the march to all the contacts on your mailing list.

* Contact your local MP and MEP about your concerns, and how the three EU directives will restrict your choices as well as your own health and wellbeing.

* Organise as many people as you can to come to the march on the day. We've already heard that some groups are hiring coaches for the day.

* If you are based outside of the UK, join your nearest protest march group or organise one yourself! (If this is a possible option, we can provide you with some basic information about the legal requirements of a protest march.)

* Speak to your local newspaper or radio station about what is happening to freedom of healthcare in the UK. If you're not sure what to say, get them to contact us for all the information they will need.

* Donate, donate, donate. If we are to succeed, we need your presence - and money, too! Extra donations are not just welcome - they are desperately needed.

* Prepare for the march. Think about preparing a banner or a signpost, or bring along something that can make a lot of noise!

* Join the HFM. For just lb20 a year, you will be supporting us in our mission. You'll receive quarterly newsletters from us plus the badge and car sticker (saying 'STOP Brussels from killing natural medicine'), which will help spread the word. You'll also receive vital information about the march and any other future events in the works.

* Finally, thank you so much for the help you've already given. It means an awful lot to so many people.

For leaflets or other information, contact us at: or see our website at:

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