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NEWS Tanning Beds - The side effects

February 1st 1991

The British Photodermatology Group recently studied the effects of tanning sun beds with ultraviolet A lights

NEWS children still contract Rubella after vaccinations

February 1st 1991

Substantial numbers of children vaccinated against rubella can nevertheless contract a wild strain of the virus, even within a few years of being vaccinated

NEWS New US system investigating reactions to vaccines

February 1st 1991 /

The US Department of Health and Human Services has set of a Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a single central body to accept all reports of suspected adverse reactions to vaccines, even from patients

NEWS Vitamin a prevents childhood deaths

February 1st 1991

Regular vitamin A supplements to children with recognized deficiencies or undernutrition will substantially prevent them dying from diarrhoea or a variety of infections

NEWS Doctor patient social nicities

February 1st 1991

Have we come to this? Patient care has now become so entrenched in technology that a study was actually conducted (and published in a respected medical journal) to determine whether doctors ought to address their patients by first names

NEWS What doctors read

February 1st 1991

This study has been published at about the same time that Donald A

NEWS Green card system for pesticide usage, urges the bma

February 1st 1991

The British Medical Association has called for a "green card" reporting system to collect information about the effects of pesticides on health

NEWS What doctors read

February 1st 1991

The National Cervical Screening programme, the programme that was going to reduce the number of women dying from cervical cancer, is still not really working

NEWS Sweden's Product Liability Act

February 1st 1991

Sweden has drafted a Product Liability Act that if passed, could automatically award compensation if a product is shown to be "not as safe as could be expected" when first introduced

NEWS Surgeon's knife may make it hurt less and reduce your need for painkillers.

February 1st 1991

So found a study of 63 women undergoing hysterectomy, half of whom were played a tape of positive suggestions in a Walkman type tape player while under anaesthetic

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