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News1990December 1990

NEWS Eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome caused by tryptophan

December 1st 1990

Eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome, the new illness blamed on taking the sleep inducing amino acid tryptophan, has now been shown to be caused by a chemical used by a particular manufacturer in producing the amino acid, rather than the substance itself

NEWS What doctors read

December 1st 1990

It's been said that an Englishman would die rather than be deprived of his bangers and mash, and finally there is scientific proof of it

NEWS Vitamin helps to treat severe measles cases

December 1st 1990

Vitamin A therapy lessens the complications or the chances of dying from severe childhood measles

NEWS The right to refuse treatment

December 1st 1990

A recent American court case has struck a considerable victory for the right of patients to refuse medical treatment if they wish to

NEWS What doctors read

December 1st 1990

Life threatening lung injuries may be a complication of modern cancer chemotherapy

NEWS New law obliging companies to warn of side effects of products

December 1st 1990 /

Manufacturers and merchants are now going for the burn in California

NEWS Allergist answers study debunking skin testing

December 1st 1990

An eminent American allergist has charged that a recent well publicized study supposedly proving that food allergies are all in the head is seriously flawed

NEWS What doctors read

December 1st 1990

Besides your genetic predisposition, early exposure to house dust mite allergens may cause asthma

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