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News1990November 1990

NEWS Yoga breathing can help asthma

November 1st 1990 /

In case that puts you off using drugs for asthma, another study found that two yoga breathing exercises can reduce some of your symptoms

NEWS Labour painkiller causes persistent backache

November 1st 1990

Women who are given epidurals for pain relief during labour are more likely to experience long term backache

NEWS Growth hormones

November 1st 1990 /

At least one doctor is less than enthusiastic about the fountain of youth hormone drug test being tested on patients over 60

NEWS Proported link between vitamin B12 deficiency and MS

November 1st 1990

Researchers in America claim to have found a link between a vitamin Bl2 deficiency caused by pernicious anaemia and multiple sclerosis

NEWS Contraceptive effects of breast feeding?

November 1st 1990

Scientists are now confirming what every great grandmother used to take for granted namely, that breastfeeding both contributes to lower fertility and also increases the birth interval

NEWS Vaccine doubts raised after polio outbreak

November 1st 1990

A study of a l988 polio outbreak in Israel has divided experts on the efficacy of current vaccination programmes and left the rest of us more confused than ever

NEWS Study finds cancer patients expect radical treatment

November 1st 1990

Cancer patients expect radical treatment, even if there's little chance for success

NEWS What doctors read

November 1st 1990

High dose, inhaled corticosteroids the supposed revolution in the treatment of asthma causes a general thinning of the skin and purpura (red blotches under the skin surface)

NEWS What doctors read

November 1st 1990

People with low back pain who can be treated with physical manipulation are more likely to get relief from chiropractic than conventional out patient physiotherapy

NEWS New foetal screening test risky for older mothers

November 1st 1990

Two leading London consultant obstetricians deplored the use of chorion villus sampling the new, earlier screening test for Down's syndrome on older women of no increased genetic risk

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