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Scar tissue

Scar tissue: For the past decade, this woman has been suffering from scar tissue in the abdominal area

Scar tissue: For the past decade, this woman has been suffering from scar tissue in the abdominal area. She has already had two surgeries to remove scar tissue, which, needless to say, have only caused further scar tissue. She suffers a lot of pain from the scarring. Does anyone have any suggestions for her? One family has made good use of women's anti-ageing creams for laparoscopic nephectomy and inguinal hernia repair scars, finding that simple Savlon worked best, applied 2 or 3 times a day. Vitamin E oil is effective as well, whether from a bottle or from breaking open a vitamin E capsule. A Bowen Technique Therapist wrote in to say that she achieved a great deal of success with a woman who suffered from scarring after childbirth (the scarring pulled and was painful upon sitting up and sneezing, among other things). After 2 treatments and a month for the body to adjust, the pain and pulling sensation had reduced considerably. You may also want to try acupuncture. The scar tissue may be blocking a major meridian pathway, causing pain. As scar tissue has a high electrical resistance relative to the surrounding healthy skin, electrical conduction through the tissue is blocked. Thus, an electrical charge builds up the tissue, stimulating the nerve endings, which register it as pain. If this is the case, various acupuncture techniques can electrically "bridge" the scar or treat the scar itself, increasing conductivity in the tissue and restoring normal electrical circulation throughout the meridian system. As for homeopathy, the remedy Thiosinaminum in 3x potency can be taken daily for a number of months to help break down the tissue. For painful episodes, the remedy Bryonia should help, taken in 30c potency. However, there are at least 20 more homeopathic remedies, including Graphites and Carcinosin, that may work for your condition; it is always best to see a homeopath to discover the remedies and potencies specific to you. Contact the Society of Homeopaths on 0845 450 6611 to find a local practitioner.

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