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July 2020 (Vol. 5 Issue 5)

About the author: 

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Arrhythmia - try magnesium supplements

Arrhythmia - try magnesium supplements. They're good for general muscle spasms, including the heart.

A few more thoughts about treating an itchy scalp: it's a sign of a low immune system, says one, while another suggests the reader should shampoo her hair with her own urine (ideally the first of the morning).

More thoughts on tinnitus: it could be caused by TMJ (temporomanibular joint syndrome), which can be treated by a dentist, suggests one reader. Perhaps, also, the sufferer could be low in zinc, or try the Tinnitus Retraining Therapy.

Last time, we mentioned the democratic process that will allow local residents in the UK to decide if they want their water supply fluoridated. Don't get too excited, says one reader- fluoridating water is a compulsory medication and so against human rights.

One gentleman a few E-news back wanted to know about a book in Italian about arthritis. Try this website, says one reader: .

Chronic back pain is a perennial, and one reader has something to add to the debate. The Northshore Hospital in Sydney, Australia has some interesting data that may help. Tantalizingly, our correspondent doesn't tell us what it is!

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