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FEATURE So you think you need . . . a vasectomy

May 2005 (Vol. 16 Issue 2)

* No-scalpel vasectomy is becoming the operation of choice as postsurgical complications (such as haematoma, bleeding or infections) are much less likely

FEATURE Drugs for prostate cancer

May 2005 (Vol. 16 Issue 2) /

While factors such as race and family history make certain groups more vulnerable to prostate cancer, age is the biggest risk indicator across the board

FEATURE Candida crisis

May 2005 (Vol. 16 Issue 2) /

Although treating your Candida and overcoming your physical symptoms should help to alleviate your mental symptoms as well, there are a few other steps you can take to manage your anxiety

FEATURE Herbal combination best for burns

May 2005 (Vol. 16 Issue 2)

After years of studying and using alternative remedies, I find that the most effective treatment for burns (first- and second-degree) is Weleda's Combudoron Lotion [a herbal combination of Arnica flowers and Urtica urens leaves]

FEATURE Look out for preservatives in glaucoma eyedrops

May 2005 (Vol. 16 Issue 2)

Re 'Glaucoma' (WDDTY vol 15 no 12), the preservative in many eyedrops is benzalkonium, which contains a benzene-related chemical that is well documented to cause bone-marrow damage

FEATURE Hubby's hips helped by regular exercise.

May 2005 (Vol. 16 Issue 2)

My husband had a successful hip replacement

FEATURE Candida crisis

May 2005 (Vol. 16 Issue 2)

Q I've been suffering from anxiety for many years

FEATURE Doctors get hrt stroke benefit wrong.

May 2005 (Vol. 16 Issue 2)

Besides offering hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as a quick-fix solution for menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, mood swings and weight gain, medicine has been using it as preventative medicine against cardiovascular problems such as heart attack, blood clots and stroke

FEATURE The best alternative treatment for . . . raynaud's syndrome

May 2005 (Vol. 16 Issue 2) /

This is a precursor to nitric oxide, which improves circulation, bringing more oxygen to tissues (Stroke, 1994; 25: 429-35)

FEATURE Electro-pollution

May 2005 (Vol. 16 Issue 2) /

You can't see them, hear or feel them, but we are bathed in them 24 hours a day

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