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FEATURE Otitis media and canker sores

April 2001 (Vol. 12 Issue 1) /

Q-Our family has been living in Spain since November 2000

FEATURE Alternatives to drugs for eczema

April 2001 (Vol. 12 Issue 1) /

Conventional medicines are not always effective they may sting and, if steroids, may have long term consequences

FEATURE New treatments-more of the same?

April 2001 (Vol. 12 Issue 1)

Not long ago, the 78 year old dermatologist Dr Jerome Z

FEATURE What makes eczema worse?

April 2001 (Vol. 12 Issue 1) /

Understanding the causes of eczema can be helpful in preventing new cases

FEATURE Is a little dirt a child's best friend?

April 2001 (Vol. 12 Issue 1) /

While dustmites have long been cited as the cause of childhood allergies, new research evidence suggests that early exposure to bacteria in house dust is protective, not damaging

FEATURE At last, a safe deodorant and a safe dentist

April 2001 (Vol. 12 Issue 1)

Re the letter from Alisdair Barcroft in WDDTY, vol 11 no 3 on antidepressants, I heard about the connection with breast cancer some time ago and, since then, have been on a quest to find a safe, non antiperspirant deodorant that actually works

FEATURE Fertility via the back door

April 2001 (Vol. 12 Issue 1)

Infertility and repeated miscarriage clearly have many causes

FEATURE How I kept my arteries clear for 30 years

April 2001 (Vol. 12 Issue 1)

There are about 650,000 cases of pulmonary embolism each year in the US and about 30 per cent die

FEATURE More on mishandling of human insulin

April 2001 (Vol. 12 Issue 1) /

Your article on human insulin (WDDTY, vol 11 no 8) raised some important issues relating to the mishandling of its introduction and the inability of some people to manage their diabetes using this form of insulin

FEATURE Lamotrigine

April 2001 (Vol. 12 Issue 1)

The antiepileptic drug lamotrigine (marketed as Lamictal) is yet another drug that is being used for a different purpose than that for which it was originally intended

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