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FEATURE Hrt: it's not so good for your heart

January 2000 (Vol. 10 Issue 10)

New research has put a dent in the theories of hormone replacement therapy proponents that HRT protects against heart disease

FEATURE More dangers of natural hair dyes

January 2000 (Vol. 10 Issue 10)

I have been following your article on breast cancer and the risk posed by hair dyes with interest (WDDTY, vol 9 no 7)

FEATURE Cream containing progesterone poorly absorbed

January 2000 (Vol. 10 Issue 10)

New data from Australia add to the growing scepticism about the effects of rub-on progesterone creams as a miracle cure for everything from menopausal symptoms to osteoporosis

FEATURE Diet 2000

January 2000 (Vol. 10 Issue 10) /

An Aladdin's cave of products now exists in our healthfood shops, on the Internet and through specialist suppliers, all claiming to be a key to good health

FEATURE 30 apples a day . . .

January 2000 (Vol. 10 Issue 10)

Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables has traditionally been thought of as the best way to get all the nutrients you need

FEATURE Breast cancer: fighters become survivors

January 2000 (Vol. 10 Issue 10)

Researchers investigating breast cancer survivors have discovered that a 'fighting spirit' can positively influence the outcome


January 2000 (Vol. 10 Issue 10)

Of late, the marketing men at several drug companies have been mounting an assault on Prozac, the antidepressant that seems to have become a lifeline for a nervous generation

FEATURE Diet for parkinson's disease

January 2000 (Vol. 10 Issue 10) /

Q I have recently been diagnosed as having Parkinson's disease, so I am naturally very interested in anything that may help keep it under control, especially since I resisted all attempts to enlist me for clinical trials of a new drug combination

FEATURE Amniocentesis was not such a bad deal

January 2000 (Vol. 10 Issue 10)

Recently, my daughter had a slightly problematic reading in her blood and was advised to have an amniocentesis

FEATURE New website links lead to tooth decay

January 2000 (Vol. 10 Issue 10)

I recently became aware of American research linking lead to tooth decay

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