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FEATURE More alternatives to circumcision

June 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 3)

In response to your circumcision article (WDDTY, vol 9, no 9), I offer the following observations for parents who would prefer to try an alternative

FEATURE Why not eat raw foods?

June 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 3)

I was surprised to read in your detox article (WDDTY, vol 9, no 11) that one should "avoid raw foods"


June 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 3)

Clomid (clomiphene) is a powerful and longstanding infertility drug but of late, research has been suggesting that it can cause birth defects

FEATURE A bacterial connection?

June 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 3)

When a stone is too big to pass naturally, it can cause chronic urinary tract and kidney infections, such as pyelonephritis

FEATURE Further product info for detoxing

June 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 3)

With regard to your recent detox article, your readers may be interested to know that educational information by Dr Jeff Bland and his team designers of HealthComm products, including UltraClear are available to healthcare practitioners from Nutri (Imports & Exports) Limited, tel: 0800 212 742


June 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 3)

* The idea of the pre op fast is outdated and unnecessary

FEATURE More cancer free product info

June 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 3)

I was pleased to see Sam Epstein's endorsement of Neways Healthcare products (Letters, WDDTY, vol 9, no 11), as I myself have been using the products for five years

FEATURE Alternative ways to prevent stones

June 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 3)

Effective treatment of kidney stones requires a diagnosis of your specific stone type

FEATURE A breath of fresh air

June 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 3)

My halitosis vanished, after 20 years, when flu prevented me from eating anything but fruit or water for three weeks and returned when I started in on the leftover Christmas sweets (WDDTY, vol 9, no 12)

FEATURE Halogen lamps

June 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 3) /

I see that you recently did an issue about creating a healthy home environment (WDDTY, vol 10, no 1)

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