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FEATURE Organophosphates hurts humans, too

April 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 1)

It certainly seems likely that the use of organophosphates in agriculture is having a deleterious effect on human health after all, these chemicals were initially developed during the last world war for use as nerve gasses

FEATURE The bse story may be an old one

April 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 1)

From an objective perspective, I was pleased to see you publishing material on BSE

FEATURE Ethnic foods that heal

April 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 1) /

Most of us are conditioned to think that alternative medicine requires specially prepared remedies a natural alternative to a drug


April 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 1)

* The humble alfalfa sprout, the mainstay of healthy eaters everywhere, is an efficient carrier of salmonella

FEATURE Holy war on the family

April 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 1) /

Every so often something reminds me that medicine, as it is now practised, engages in what the late medical critic Dr Robert Mendelsohn once referred to as "holy war on the family"

FEATURE Fluoride: the evidence against

April 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 1) /

Studies from America, Canada and New Zealand show no difference in the rates of tooth decay between fluoridated and non fluoridated areas (Fluoride, 1990; 23: 55-67)

FEATURE Emphysema

April 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 1) /

My mother, who smokes, has been diagnosed as having emphysema

FEATURE Bad breath

April 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 1)

I suffer from chronic sinusitis and, along with this condition, bad breath

FEATURE Drugof the month

April 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 1) /

Cozaar (losartan potassium) is heralded by its manufacturer Merck Sharp & Dohme as being "the first of a new class" for treating hypertension, or high blood pressure

FEATURE Fluoride

April 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 1) /

Researcher Doris Jones has unearthed startling new evidence demonstrating that fluoride interferes with enzyme systems, damaging many organ systems of the body

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