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FEATURE Emergency or elective

September 1996 (Vol. 7 Issue 6) /

It's one of the peculiar twists of medical language that any unplanned caesarean is referred to as an "emergency", even though the decision to operate is quite often not taken under emergency conditions

FEATURE When a caesarean is necessary

September 1996 (Vol. 7 Issue 6)

Placenta praevia (low lying placenta)True cephalopelvic disproportion (when the baby's head is too large to get through)

FEATURE Change lifestyle rather than cholesterol

September 1996 (Vol. 7 Issue 6) /

Q:Everyday, I read in the paper about how cholesterol lowering drugs have now definitely been shown to save lives

FEATURE Kiddy treatment linked to back damage

September 1996 (Vol. 7 Issue 6)

You may be interested to know that we have obtained research from the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada, concerning a proven link between the treatment given to children (lumboperitoneal shunts) with hydrocephalus (this is often connected to spina bifida) and the development of arachnoiditis

FEATURE Vbac success

September 1996 (Vol. 7 Issue 6)

Scar rupture is the most frequently cited and feared reason for repeat surgery, but the incidence of rupture is minute (Am J Ob Gyn, 1989, 160: 569-73)

FEATURE New light therapy promising for cancer

September 1996 (Vol. 7 Issue 6)

I hope that your survey of cancer treatments will include photodynamic therapy

FEATURE Caesarean operations

September 1996 (Vol. 7 Issue 6)

Question: When is an operation not an operation? Answer: When it's a section


September 1996 (Vol. 7 Issue 6) /

Feldene (generic name: piroxicam) seems to be one of those drugs that people either hate or really loathe

FEATURE Toothpaste sleuth finds bladder cure

September 1996 (Vol. 7 Issue 6)

A female patient of mine who has been transformed by allergy management still had an irritable bladder

FEATURE Antibiotics casualty

September 1996 (Vol. 7 Issue 6)

My heart goes out to Sally Smith (Q & A, Vol 7 no 3) and the many other mothers there must be who have experienced at first hand the various long term side effects of "harmless" antibiotics

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