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FEATURE The role of diet in infertility

February 1995 (Vol. 5 Issue 11) /

MM of Western Isles may find a book called Pregnancy and Care of the Newborn (Japan Publications) by Michio and Aveline Kushi very interesting

FEATURE Wrong at a stroke

February 1995 (Vol. 5 Issue 11) /

Buried away in a British Medical Journal column quaintly entitled called "Education & Debate", giving the impression of a nice place for gentlemen to chew over the great medical issues of the day, was the astonishing revelation that all the studies s

FEATURE Migraine alternatives

February 1995 (Vol. 5 Issue 11) /

Q:My son, aged 22, has to take beta blockers plus Anadin for migraine

FEATURE Endometriosis

February 1995 (Vol. 5 Issue 11) /

New evidence links this misunderstood disease with chemical or drug damage, even those used for fertility

FEATURE Endometriosis and the pill

February 1995 (Vol. 5 Issue 11)

The contraceptive pill is used in the symptomatic treatment of endometriosis

FEATURE Sumatriptan

February 1995 (Vol. 5 Issue 11) /

Q:Recently I had occasion to visit my GP as a migraine attack had occurred, far worse than I had experienced previously, shortly followed by another

FEATURE Reflexology to combat infertility?

February 1995 (Vol. 5 Issue 11)

M M of Western Isles (WDDTY vol 5 no 8) may be interested to learn that a couple who wished to have a baby, and had been unsuccessful for a number of years, were recommended by their local fertility clinic to have reflexology, in order to increase male sperm and relieve the tension and stress of the constant disappointment

FEATURE Can meningitis immunization affect asthma?

February 1995 (Vol. 5 Issue 11)

Concerning the case study of the little girl who developed asthma after the MMR vaccine (WDDTY vol 5 no 7), I practise Traditional Chinese Medicine and have been treating a little boy of 20 months with acupuncture for mild asthma

FEATURE Pressured into MMR vaccinations

February 1995 (Vol. 5 Issue 11)

Thank you for your September issue with the feature on measles and MMR vaccinations

FEATURE Case study: Nutritional treatment for whooping cough

February 1995 (Vol. 5 Issue 11)

Last October my son developed an irritating dry cough which was becoming more prolonged and began to disturb his sleep

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