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FEATURE Short takes

October 1994 (Vol. 5 Issue 7)

* Shock-wave treatment to break up kidney stones can lead to heart complications much later than specialists thought, doctors at the Department of Cardiology in New Delhi have reported (The Lancet, 30 July 1994)

FEATURE The devil you know

October 1994 (Vol. 5 Issue 7)

Doctor columnists and government officials in all the major papers in Britain lately have been whipping up vaccine fever, even before the measles epidemic, predicted to hit this autumn, has struck

FEATURE Breast cancer - find out the facts before succumbing to treatment

October 1994 (Vol. 5 Issue 7)

Recently my husband's grandmother was diagnosed with leukemia and my mother in law with breast cancer

FEATURE Vaginal thrush

October 1994 (Vol. 5 Issue 7) /

This unpleasant but common female complaint usually involves a vaginal yeast or bacterial infection, which is sometimes accompanied by recurrent bladder problems

FEATURE Defective drugs

October 1994 (Vol. 5 Issue 7) /

Can I congratulate you on your 50th edition? In your Viewpoint ("The right to remain silent") you omit reference to the Consumer Protection Act, which covers pharmaceuticals

FEATURE Cow hormones sold to dairy farmers

October 1994 (Vol. 5 Issue 7) /

Is it possible to print the article enclosed from Compassion in World Farming? It would be useful for readers to know which dairies and supermarkets state they will not handle milk from BST cows

FEATURE Danger of margarine

October 1994 (Vol. 5 Issue 7) /

Q:I have Dr Leo Galland's fascinating book Allergy Prevention for Kids in which he recommends linoleic acid (and linolenic acid) as particularly important to health, provided certain key co-factors are also present in the diet

FEATURE Measles vaccine

October 1994 (Vol. 5 Issue 7) /

Over 30 years of use, the measles vaccine has never adequately protected children

FEATURE Side effects of sleeping pills

October 1994 (Vol. 5 Issue 7) /

I felt personally involved after reading Vol 5 no 2 (Drug Secrecy), as for 27 years of my life I was on tranquillizers and sleeping pills, and during that time no doctor warned me of the drugs I was taking

FEATURE Bone scans

October 1994 (Vol. 5 Issue 7) /

Q:Any woman suffering as my mother did (see Case Study, p 10) should not be dismissed, but we both regularly meet women who are in pain but who are not receiving treatment, although they fulfill many criteria which would indicate osteoporosis

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