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FEATURE Short takes

May 1992 (Vol. 3 Issue 2)

* Breast cancer can be treated without chemotherapy if discovered early enough

FEATURE The cholesterol myth

May 1992 (Vol. 3 Issue 2) /

In every major long term study, lowering cholesterol through drugs or the standard recommended low fat diet has done more harm than good

FEATURE New findings about lowering fat

May 1992 (Vol. 3 Issue 2) /

Amid our mania for all but cutting out fat from the diet, medical experts now confess that lowering cholesterol isn't such a good idea in preventing a heart attack

FEATURE Medical information - patients rights to their records

May 1992 (Vol. 3 Issue 2)

Q:How can I obtain the result of a bone scan I had at Guy's in 1989 when I was a volunteer to test a new form of HRT, but had to stop as I was to have a leg operation? I wrote to let them know and asked if they would let me know the result, but they didn't reply

FEATURE Candidiasis of the intestines - alternative treatments

May 1992 (Vol. 3 Issue 2)

Q:I have very severe candidiasis of the intestines with multiple food and chemical allergies over the last four years

FEATURE A new anti heart attack regime

May 1992 (Vol. 3 Issue 2) /

The new evidence debunking cholesterol lowering isn't license to tuck into bacon and chips every day

FEATURE A clue from the cave man

May 1992 (Vol. 3 Issue 2) /

One of the reasons that medicine is so befuddled about this entire cholesterol business is its insistence upon searching for an isolated area where, dietetically speaking, we've gone wrong

FEATURE Case study: Risks of radiation to the ovaries in the 1970's

May 1992 (Vol. 3 Issue 2)

In common with other women "guinea pigs" I was given radiation to the ovaries, in the early Seventies, to bring on a menopause

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