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End fevers naturally

MagazineOctober 2013 (Vol. 24 Issue 7)End fevers naturally

Here are some simple home remedies and things that will help:

Here are some simple home remedies and things that will help:

o Don't offer solid foods, but do offer plenty of fluids, either warm or at room temperature, like chamomile tea, diluted apple juice, water that's plain or with lemon, or traditional barley water. To make barley water, simmer 2 Tbsp of barley in 1 1/2 cups of water, covered, for an hour, then strain and serve.

o Keep the child warm wrapped up in blankets, while feeding fluids every 15 or 20 minutes. Keep the head cool with a washcloth dipped in cold tap water and wrung out, and change it often. When the child breaks into a sweat, healing is on the way.

o If the child is restless, draw a bath that's the same temperature as the fever, measured with the same thermometer. Note: 101-102 degrees F (38-39 degrees C) as bath water will feel hot to you but will feel just right to someone with that same body temperature. Put the child in the bath and allow some playing and splashing about for 15-20 minutes. Then wrap the child in bedclothes and put him/her to bed. I've done this with my children from when they were eight months old, and it has consistently proved to be one of the most successful fever remedies I've ever used.

End your child's fevers naturally

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