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June 2012 (Vol. 23 Issue 3)

MagazineJune 2012 (Vol. 23 Issue 3)

This issue

FEATURE Alcohol: friend or foe

WDDTY VOL 23, NO 1, MAY 2012

FEATURE Preventing Parkinson's

WDDTY VOL 23, NO 1, MAY2012

FEATURE The dark heart of medicine

WDDTY VOL 23, NO 1, MAY 2012

FEATURE Neutral Switzerland is partial to homeopathy

WDDTY VOL 23, NO 1, MAY 2012

FEATURE The great depression deception

Chronic depression has been described as the disease of modern times

FEATURE Adult acne

If you thought acne was just a teenage problem, think again

FEATURE Avoiding serious drug interactions

WDDTY VOL 23, NO 1, MAY 2012

FEATURE Cosmetics: the cancer link

Long-term low-level expo-sure to minute amounts of the heavy metal cadmium, found in our air, food and water, and also in many everyday cosmetics, can stimulate breast cancer, and also cause it to become increasingly more aggressive, according to new California research

FEATURE Tacking painful joints

Arthritis is a painful joint disorder with inflammation and/or degeneration that often limits range of motion and may affect the related joint muscles

FEATURE Baby-making timebomb

2012Children born to women who took fertility drugs to get pregnant are more than twice as likely to develop leukaemia, according to new research from France

FEATURE Adult acne

3, June 2012If you thought acne was just a teenage problem, think again

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