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July 2012 (Vol. 23 Issue 4)

MagazineJuly 2012 (Vol. 23 Issue 4)

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FEATURE Transparent dangers

Even a once-a-year bitewing dental X-ray can increase the risk of brain and thyroid cancer, research showsFor years, dentists have been reassuring patients that dental X-rays are harmless (even while diving behind protective shields themselves)

FEATURE Cervical Dysplasia

This is a scary diagnosis, but it doesn't mean you have cancer-and there's plenty you can do to slash your risk of developing cancer in the future if you've ever had an abnormal Pap smear test result, you've probably heard of cervical dysplasia, the name doctors have given to abnormal changes in the cells on the inner surface of the cervix-the lowest portion of the womb


The phrase 'obsessive-compulsive' is often used casually to describe someone who is a perfectionist, excessively meticulous and/or absorbed in a cause

FEATURE Sunshine superman

Most health advice about exposure to sunshine is wrong-and hiding away from the sun is one of the causes of the epidemic of chronic diseases in the UK

FEATURE Propolis slows growth of early-stage prostate cancer, researchers discover

Bee propolis, a common treatment for sore throats and allergies, slows the growth of prostate cancer cells, researchers have discovered

FEATURE New-generation diabetes drugs are killers

A new generation of diabetes drugs dramatically increase the risk of death - and are 50 per cent more likely to kill than an old anti-diabetic remedy that has been used for 90 years

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