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February 2012 (Vol. 22 Issue 11)

MagazineFebruary 2012 (Vol. 22 Issue 11)

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FEATURE PIP implants: who's to blame?

The French company at the centre of the recent breast-implant scandal was warned by US health authorities more than 10 years ago about its substandard manufacturing practices, the latest reports have revealed

FEATURE Unfit for man or beast

It is no accident that the big players in the pet-food industry have enjoyed a spate of major buy-outs by even bigger multinational players in the human foods market: Nestl'e's bought Purina; Mars, owned in turn by MasterFoods, bought Royal Canin; Colgate-Palmolive bought Hill's Science Diet; and Procter & Gamble bought Iams

FEATURE Kill, not cure

The pharmaceutical industry has chalked up two dubious firsts in the past 12 months: it's become the most fraudulent, far out-pacing even defence, and its drugs are now more lethal than traffic accidents, killing one person every 14 minutes in the US alone

FEATURE Angina treatment without drugs

If you suffer from angina-in other words, chest pain due to a lack of oxygen to the heart-there's a long list of drugs available to treat it, ranging from aspirin to beta-blockers and statins

FEATURE The seaweed solution

The Wikipedia entry for Ecklonia cava (EC) is barely three lines long

FEATURE Homeopathy for male disorders

, or breast development in men, is common in puberty and in old age

FEATURE Mighty mushrooms

The West is finally catching on to what the East has known for centuries: that mushrooms are potent disease-fighters

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