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September 2011 (Vol. 22 Issue 6)

MagazineSeptember 2011 (Vol. 22 Issue 6)

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FEATURE The needle and the damage done

Before it reaches its first birthday, a baby born in America will be given 26 inoculations as part of the most intensive vaccination programme in the world-and it is the least likely of any child born in a developed country to reach the age of one

FEATURE Old age doesn't weary them, but drugs do

When an elderly person dies, it may not always be the natural consequence of ageing, but from a common medication that was being taken for an ailment such as depression, anxiety, bladder problems or glaucoma

FEATURE Avoiding heart flutters

Doctors are being told not to prescribe Multaq to patients with permanent AF, but a key question is whether and how the results of the PALLAS apply to patients taking Multaq for the approved indications (non-permanent or paroxysmal AF)

FEATURE Common painkillers cause heart flutter

Common painkillers, such as aspirin and codeine, can cause atrial fibrillation-disturbance of the healthy beating of the heart-that can lead to stroke and heart failure

FEATURE Aspirin becomes a killer if you have a heart problem

Aspirin is supposed to help prevent heart disease-but once you have the condition, the drug can be fatal

FEATURE Chinese herb reduces the deadly effects of chemotherapy

A herb from Chinese medicine can reduce the life-threatening effects of chemo-therapy and also support the patient's immune system

FEATURE Major swine-flu vaccine causes sleeping disorder

A health alert has been issued for the world's major swine-flu vaccine-although it has already been given to 31 million people around the world

FEATURE Meditation halves risk of fatal heart attack and stroke

Meditation can cut your risk of heart attack or stroke in half by reducing blood pressure, arterial thickening and cholesterol levels, a 'seminal' new study has discovered

FEATURE Meditation: a neural workout

For years, practitioners of Transcendental MeditationTM (TM), the technique first introduced by MaharishiMahesh Yogi to the West in the 1960s, have claimed that meditation can improve your brain power

FEATURE Nuts are a low-GI food that can control diabetes, say researchers

Nuts are a great low-GI (glycaemic index) food-they don't cause your blood glucose and insulin levels to increase-that every diabetic should be snacking on, a new study has discovered

FEATURE Parkinson's patients still given drugs that make them worse

Doctors are still handing out drugs to some of their Parkinson's disease (PD) patients that worsen the condition and may even kill them

FEATURE Symptoms of ageing are caused by drugs, new research finds

Many of the problems associated with growing old-including falls, unsteadiness and an increased risk of stroke-are the direct consequence of taking a prescription drug, and now, the SSRI antidepressants have been added to the list of culprits

FEATURE Natural slimming supplements

Chromium is a naturally occurring mineral that plays an essential role in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, and in the action of insulin

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