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March 2019 (Vol. 4 Issue 1)

Dangers underfoot

About the author: 

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Although disparaged by US and UK science, scientists elsewhere are linking underground water sources with a high incidence of various sorts of illnesses-from cot death to cancer

Although disparaged by US and UK science, scientists elsewhere are linking underground water sources with a high incidence of various sorts of illnesses-from cot death to cancer.

The potential dangers of living above underground water first emerged in the 1920s, when Belgian scientist George Lakhovsky proposed that living cells emit electromagnetic (EM) frequencies, and that external EM interference could disturb the equilibrium of all living things, thus profoundly affecting health.
At first, he suspected that the nature of the soil predisposed inhabitants to cancer. While studying cancer incidence in Paris, he found that it was lowest in places such as Port Dauphine, which rested on sandy limestone, and highest in places like Grenelle, which rested on clay (Rev Gen Sci, 1928; October, Issue 15).

However, it was Lakhovsky's genius to recognize that certain soils absorbed the cosmic rays of the sun while others reflected these rays upwards-and into the living things above them.

The most dangerous situation appeared to be to live above underground run-ning water. Water is a powerful conduc-tor of electricity. When hit by cosmic rays or those emitted from fault lines, running water will naturally refract (bend or distort) the rays and send continuous powerful jolts of unnatural EM radiation to any inhabitants living above. The effect of this is to disturb the earth's geomagnetic field and, hence, the background radiation all around us.

Cancer houses

In 1929 in Vilsburg, Germany, Baron Gustav von Pohl demonstrated, via dowsing, that all 54 cancer victims in this little town slept at sites receiving high levels of cosmic radiation from underground streams. The most dangerous 'cancer houses' were those sited above where two streams crossed, especially those lying at different levels, suggesting that the cosmic rays in this case were enhanced even further.

Recently, von Pohl's work was confirmed in a study by the Scientific Association of Medical Doctors who, with the aid of a dowser, studied the houses of more than 5000 people in the German town of Stettin who had died of cancer. In all instances, their homes were located in a spot of intense EM radiation emitted from the earth.

The early work of these pioneers into the effects of 'black streams' on cancer has since been confirmed by researchers using more sophisticated equipment, such as geomagnetom-eters. Russian geologist Dr Eugen K. Melnikov, who conducted studies in St Petersburg between 1989 and 1992, found that the incidence of cancer was nearly three times higher in areas of geopathic stress. Cancer incidence was 1.68/1000 persons/year in areas out-side of geopathic zones but, in places lying above underground streams, the incidence was 3.88/1000 persons/year and, where streams crossed, it rose to a staggering 7.39/1000 persons/year.

Similarly, in areas of geological faults, the usual cancer incidence of 14/1000 persons/year climbed to 20-29/1000 persons/year if victims lived above areas of active geological faults (Dubrov AP. Theoretical and practical aspects of the geo-pathogenic zone problem, in Bertrand J-P, ed. La Prevention. Les Entretiens Internationaux de Monaco. Monte Carlo: Editions Du Rocher, 1991: 91-4).

Cambridge biologist Roger Coghill has studied the effect of EM radiation for decades, and discovered a strong correlation between sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and strong EM radiation, including underground water sources. The closer the infant to the site of underground radiation, the earlier the child died (Hosp Equipment Supplies, 1989; June, Issue 9).

When Coghill measured the EM radiation in the cot of one infant that had died, he was amazed to discover that the spot where she'd been placed measured 70 V/m (volts/metre), whereas the radiation fell to 10 V/m at the other end of the bed.

Broken glass

The most worrying situations are areas sited above multidirectional geological faults. In these instances, the cracks in the earth's surface act like a broken mirror, refracting rays outwards in a myriad of directions. Those unlucky enough to be living above these sites suffered a cancer incidence of 60-100 cases/1000 persons/year.

Russian geologists have also found a doubling in the number of infant deaths, congenital defects, develop-mental delays and heart disease in homes situated above faults. Besides cancer, geopathic stress can also lead to long-term inflammation and chronic diseases such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis, migraine, adrenal problems and even diabetes.

Although the US and UK have long disparaged the idea of 'earth rays', other governments, including those of Russia, Austria and Germany, have taken the problem seriously. In Russia, the Interdepartmental Commission on Biolocation Effects has been set up to study underground sources of 'geo-pathic zones' (GZ) and has produced maps pinpointing their locations.

What most concerns modern scien-tists is the crossing of subterranean water flows at various depths (now referred to as 'magnetohydrodynamic anomalies') and geological faults ('gravitational anomalies'). With their modern equipment, the Commission has discovered that geopathic hot spots cause extraordinary changes in the atmosphere, such as major differ-ences in air ionization, geomagnetic fields, electrical potential of the near-ground layer of the atmosphere, air moisture and the passage of radio-waves. In addition, GZs show an unusually high level of radioactivity.

Some scientists believe that these earth rays can scramble cellular frequencies, causing the immune system to malfunction. French bio-electrician Lucien Roujon believes that GZs can profoundly alter our body's pH (acid-to-alkaline balance), as well as its electrical factor, or oxidation reduction, and its insulation, or resistance to electrical currents.

Indeed, an Austrian working party attempted to examine this issue in the early 1990s by putting nearly 1000 people, who'd undergone a medical examination beforehand, into a GZ for just 10 minutes. Subsequent examina-tions found all of the participants to be suffering from some sort of harmful effect as a result of such exposure.

Lynne McTaggart

Do you live in a safe spot?

Suspect a geopathic zone in your house if you have:

o uncomfortable feelings in your gut or 'chills' in certain places in your home

o places that your children or pets avoid

o children who suffer from bedwetting, nightmares or insomnia well past the usual age

o an illness with no obvious cause

o sleep disorders, headaches, irritability and a lack of being able to concentrate.

The best way to find out exactly where these are is to:

o hire a reliable dowser, as a good dowser or geomancer will initially work around your site, or even over a map or sketch plan of the site before coming to your house

o buy or rent an electromagnetic meter (from Coghill Research Laboratories
at, or try an ohm meter, an electrogeobioscope or a georhythmogram, all supposedly able to detect geopathic stress.

Once you've found a hot spot, you should:

o move furniture, particularly beds, away from it

o find out what your house is made of, as geopathic zones reverberate in particular with concrete or steel house-frames

o check out special bedclothes that claim to block EMFs, or put copper netting under your mattress

o consider buying a geopathic 'neutralizer' or 'biocorrector' that claims to alter cosmic-ray frequencies to those more compatible with the human body (available from or However, these devices still require far more scientific study to establish their effectiveness.


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