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June 2019 (Vol. 4 Issue 4)

Bad crossing

About the author: 

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Dowsers have long been aware of a series of grids of earth energy, often referred to as 'tellurian currents', running in parallel lines over the surface of the earth

Dowsers have long been aware of a series of grids of earth energy, often referred to as 'tellurian currents', running in parallel lines over the surface of the earth.

In 1950, while dowsing, German physician Ernst Hartmann discovered currents of electromagnetic energy coming from the earth that were independent of water sites. After much experimentation, Hartmann postulated that bands 21-cm wide of alternating positive and negative electromagnetic energies were running north to south and east to west across the planet, two metres apart in the former axis and two-and-a-half metres apart in the latter axis. (These measurements apply only to Germany, as the closer to the equator, the greater are the distances.)

This 'Hartmann grid' system causes problems for those who dwell where two energy lines cross-called a Hartmann 'knot' or 'crossing'. As they are electro-magnetic, crossing them amplifies the positive or negative charge and causes a perturbation in the earth's natural geomagnetic field.

These knots are also believed to be exacerbated by underground streams, geological faults and earthquakes, which can increase the radioactivity at these points by 50 per cent.


A pioneer of an emerging science called 'geobiology', Dr Hartmann published three textbooks on his work and became the director of the Committee for Geo-biology in Germany (see the website at

Dr Manfred Curry, a Swiss doctor and also a dowser, came upon another global electrical grid network, where the lines run diagonal to the poles and form a diamond-shaped pattern from southeast to northwest and from southwest to northeast. Although different geobiol-ogists have reported different band widths, Curry himself believed they are 80-cm apart and run in lines about three to three-and-a-half meters apart.

No one understands why we have these energy grids-if, indeed, they do exist at all. Some dowsers theorize that they perform some type of earthing function for the cosmic rays that are constantly bombarding the earth.

Unhealthy underground

Austrian teacher and dowser K"athe Bachler has made a study of geopathic stress, examining 11,000 cases in 3000 homes in 14 different countries. She claims that the most unhealthy spots are where lines cross, termed a 'Curry crossing', especially when associated with other unhealthy radiation, such as from underground streams.

Curry claimed that his research showed that the positive energy lines could cause cancer, while the negative lines could lead to inflammation and nervous system disorders. Living-and especially sleeping-above such lines were likely to cause health problems and insomnia.

Hartmann's and Curry's theories are taken seriously in Europe. Bachler was commissioned by the Pedagogical Institute of Salzburg to look into problems such as underperforming in school as a possible result of geobiological influences.

"Again and again," she reports, "it emerged that pupils who were always tired, those who were the slowest, those who had the greatest difficulty
in concentrating, those who were the most forgetful and the most difficult, and those who were always ill were all victims of interference zone crossings."
Bedwetters are often sleeping over such interference zones, she says. Just moving the bed brings about an instant cure (Bachler K. Earth Radiation: The Startling Discoveries of a Dowser. Manchester, UK: Wordmasters, 1989).

Bachler also studied an Australian child who was intelligent, but failing in school and not getting along with his schoolmates. Bachler found that his bed lay over both a water crossing and a Curry crossing. As soon as his bed was moved, she claims, his behaviour improved.

Although it is impossible to avoid all Curry and Hartmann crossings, it's possible to avoid exposure to them every day. Bachler has advised schools to rotate children in the classroom so that they sit at different desks every four weeks.

"I always ask teachers to introduce the concept of a 'rolling class' so that no pupil has to spend a whole year sitting in a bad place."

Bachler was asked by a teacher in Carinthia to help a girl who was very sensitive, small for her age, and often troubled by stomach aches, nausea, nightmares and a high temperature. She'd missed many days of school because she was always ill.

Again, Bachler found that the girl was sleeping over a Curry crossing. A month after her bed was moved, she slept and felt better and, a year later, her mother reported that she'd grown taller in height and that her school work had improved.

German physicist Robert Endros, who has studied plant life and geomagnetic fields, discovered that trees growing on a Hartmann crossing attract lightning. These trees were also more likely to be deformed in some way.

Beekeepers in France make use of Curry and Hartmann lines by placing their hives over underground streams because they know this will treble the production of honey. Nevertheless, this may be a shortsighted approach, as the bees will also have a shorter lifespan and be more aggressive than normal.
Hartmann claimed that blood sedi-mentation rate changed when people stood or slept in geopathic zones, causing heart disorders and other circulatory problems. He also found that both animal and human reaction times became slower in areas of geopathic stress, and that rats living over such zones had larger tumours than when they were kept in neutral spots or were shielded by a Faraday cage.

Besides Germany, Russia has also been in the vanguard of such work. Since the 1960s, government agencies (such as the Interdepartmental Com-mission on Biolocation Effects) and international conferences have studied geomagnetic effects and the possibility of negative earth grids.

At the forefront of this work is Alexander Dubrov, a professor of biophysics and biology, and head of the Scientific and Practical Center of Biological Geophysics in Moscow. His findings have confirmed the existence of these grid lines (Dubrov AP. Theoretical and practical aspects of the geopathogenic zone problem, in Bertrand J-P, ed. La Prevention. Les Entretiens Internationaux de Monaco. Monte-Carlo: Editions Du Rocher, 1991).

Dubrov also heads up the Voluntary Committee for the Investigation of the Geomagnetic Field as a Global Biorhythm Synchronizer, which aims
to coordinate the work of geobiologists around the world. Its website (www. publishes the latest information on the biological effects
of electromagnetic fields and geomagnetic biology.

Blanche Merz, another geobiologist based in Vevey, Switzerland, has worked in this area for 20 years, and has made a full-time study of Hartmann lines.

Healthy horseshoes

According to Roger Coghill, the UK expert on electromagnetic health, Professor Herbert L. Konig, of the Technical University of Munich, has found a reason why horseshoes were often hung over the door for good luck: the U-shape turns it into an open oscillating circuit with a wide natural resonating frequency in the low GHz (gigaHertz) range-a wavelength of around 21 cm, the range of hydrogen resonance. These frequencies are similar to the radiowave and microwave ranges claimed by Endros to emanate from geopathic zones. So, it may well be that you should hang a horseshoe by your door for good health as well as good luck.

Lynne McTaggart

Spotting an energetic knot

Suspect the presence of Curry or Hartmann crossings if:

o there is a high degree of restlessness or disturbance in your school and, if so, ensure that teachers rotate the children's seating so that the same children are not constantly exposed;

o at work, there is generally poor work output from individuals who are otherwise capable and hard-working;

o cats like to sleep on your bed (as they like to sleep in high electrical fields);
o members of the household just can't sleep in their own beds, but sleep better elsewhere in the house;
o you have consistently damp walls and the damp rises only in one place;
o it's a site that has been struck more than once by lightning.


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