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February 2019 (Vol. 3 Issue 12)

Changing the bodys frequency

About the author: 

Changing the bodys frequency image

The Russians have maintain-ed for nearly a century that bodily communication uses electromagnetic (EM) waves and that, when the signals go awry, it causes both mental and physical illnesses

The Russians have maintain-ed for nearly a century that bodily communication uses electromagnetic (EM) waves and that, when the signals go awry, it causes both mental and physical illnesses. Although there are now many types of equipment to correct EM waves in the body, the SCENAR system remains at the forefront.

SCENAR ('self-controlled energo-neuroadaptive regulation') is a device that stimulates the body's own EM frequencies to effect a cure through an elaborate biofeedback mechanism. Developed by five research scientists, two of whom won the Order of Lenin (the equivalent of the Nobel prize in Russia), it was originally intended for use by cosmonauts for injuries or illness in outer space.

The device resembles a TV remote control and is powered by a 9-volt battery. The idea was that it would serve as "a GP and emergency service in your pocket".

SCENAR works by sending pulsed electrical waves to the body. Its major claim is that, not only can it detect abnormalities in the body's EM fre-quencies, but it can also change its own output to correct the anomalies. The idea is that SCENAR can eliminate any minor problems before they develop into full-blown disease.

SCENAR is now a mainstay in Russian hospitals, and the devices are even carried by ambulance crews, who claim extraordinary success with it in cases of cardiac arrest, accident trauma or coma. In 2000, Russian Olympic athletes at the Australian Olympics used SCENAR to treat minor aches and pains, and to repair muscle damage. Since 1992, more than 10,000 Russian users-including doctors, surgeons, oncologists and neurologists-have been trained on its home and hospital use for most systems of the body.

A survey of 3000 Russian practi-tioners reporting on their experience with the device on 50,000 patients found success with all of the major bodily systems. Although it was deemed extraordinarily successful in a wide range of musculoskeletal and circulatory problems-effecting cures in more than three-fourths of cases-Russian doctors are now also finding enormous success with neurological problems, especially in children.

Yet, despite this wealth of clinical experience, scientific studies have only recently begun to appear, mainly in Russia, of the use of electro-stimulation for paediatric problems related to the nervous system. Although many are only simple case reports, several have been published in reputable scientific journals (Lik Sprava, 2002; 7: 68-70; J Clin Neurophysiol, 1995; 12: 230-6; Med Tekh, 2002; 6: 4-6).

Perhaps the best scientific study so far describes its use for the treatment of bedwetting in children (Vopr Kurortol Fizioter Lech Fiz Kult, 1995; 4: 25-6).

In one three-month study in 1998, carried out by the Russian Health Ministry at I.P. Pavlov State Medical University in St Petersburg, 25 child-ren who suffered from bedwetting received four to 10 SCENAR sessions per week, and were completely cured by the end of the study. In every child, the results were positive-either the bedwetting completely resolved or subsequent episodes were much less frequent.

In another dramatic instance, 45 children, from 3 to 14 years of age, residing at the Kalinin Essentuky Sanatorium and suffering from chronic bedwetting (of 3-10 years' duration) as well as a host of serious illness-from colitis to hepatitis-became dry after SCENAR therapy.

SCENAR is now being attempted on children with mental retardation. One study of 96 such children found that they responded especially well to eight months of SCENAR therapy, showing improvements in vocabulary and general psychoemotional status. In another study of mentally retarded children between 10 months and 6 years of age, the children were report-ed to have experienced significant psychological and emotional improve-ments after just six or seven sessions. They became more interested in toys, responded better to their parents and improved their language skills.

Although the results of these anec-dotal reports and structured studies are extraordinarily impressive, the actual published evidence remains, nevertheless, thin on the ground. What's needed now is more clinical evidence to show that there's indeed such a thing as a low-cost, one-size-fits-all cure for all diseases.

Lynne McTaggart

Finding a SCENAR practitioner

For information about practitioners near you, contact the International SCENAR Technology Association (ISTA) at, by fax at +44 207 691 9347, by e-mail at or by post to:

The Secretary, ISTA, 46 Maskelyne Close, London SW11 4AE, UK.

Or get your own SCENAR-it's meant to be user-friendly. OKB RITM, the company set up by some of SCENAR's inventors, offers its devices through various websites, including:

- Kosmed International, the Dutch branch office of OKB RITM (


- PNP REMA, in the Republic of Belarus, which offers a wide range of Prologue devices (

- CCC INVET, which offers RITM devices, Prologues and the ENART series for home use (

- Denas MS, which offers SCENAR devices called DENAS and DiaDENS, and even ZooDENS for treating animals (

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