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Asthma Medication - Free report

MagazineOctober 2007 (Vol. 18 Issue 7)Asthma Medication - Free report

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Claim your free Asthma Factsheet

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Like so many diseases that have become epidemics in modern times, asthma is a condition with a complex and inter-related web of causes and reactions. Faced with this level of complexity, medicine's response seems ridiculously inadequate, usually offering one powerful drug after another to suppress the symptoms, which, in the case of asthma, can admittedly be very distressing.

This free Asthma Factsheet reveals the inadequacies - and the dangers - of conventional asthma treatments.

Medicine is endeavouring to treat a condition that remains mysterious. If it does not know what asthma really is-why it happens, why some people suffer it, why it can be such a dangerous condition in some people, and so on-then it cannot put forward any of its therapies as a genuine solution.

That's why the editors of the prestigious health journal What Doctors Don't Tell You decided to put together the definitive last word on the subject: The Asthma Manual.

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