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Skin bumps

MagazineMay 2007 (Vol. 18 Issue 2)Skin bumps

A reader has six or seven movable lumps under her skin which refuse to go away

A reader has six or seven movable lumps under her skin which refuse to go away. She's had them for at least 12 years now. She's seen a doctor in the past, but he just told her they were not harmful. Do readers know of any natural ways to get rid of the unsightly bumps? She also has a couple of spots on her scalp that won't heal. Can readers offer any advice?

Panoderm Forte

Norene reckons the skin lumps sound like dermatafibroma and recommends a product called Panoderm Forte by American Biologics. Unfortunately, she doesn't go into more detail. Regarding the spots on the scalp, she thinks these could be related to excessive sugar/starch and exposure to petrochemicals. Address these issues and see what happens, she advises.

Radio frequency generator

Another reader suggests getting checked for a cyst-like parasitic infection. "It's surprisingly common among people who were brought up on a farm or who live with dogs, cats, and other pets," says Tom. "Such under-skin cysts or 'bursas' often yield to a few daily treatments of an hour each with a battery-powered radio frequency generator running on positive voltage offset at approximately 450 kilohertz," he says.


Linda, however, wonders whether the skin lumps could be angiolipoma, which, she says, are "lumps of fat that grow nerves and blood vessels." Unfortunately, she doesn't know of any natural remedies to get rid of them.

Finally, Charles suggests neem oil to treat the spots that refuse to heal.

E-news broadcast 20 February 2007 No.335

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