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Sarcoidosis of the skin

MagazineMay 2007 (Vol. 18 Issue 2)Sarcoidosis of the skin

A reader's 23-year-old son has had sarcoidosis of the skin for the last two years

A reader's 23-year-old son has had sarcoidosis of the skin for the last two years. His eyes, lungs, heart, liver and kidneys have all been checked and were fortunately found to be fine. The initial sign was a small spot that didn't heal, followed by even smaller ones on his hands and on the lobe of one ear. His dermatologist has advised that there is no effective treatment other than steroids, but he didn't prescribe them as he hoped that the disease would eventually "burn itself out". Her son has received regular homeopathic treatment, which has definitely helped, but the problem remains and is unsightly and embarrassing.

He also suffers from facial acne, for which he takes occasional courses of erythromycin. Do readers know of any natural treatments that could help him with his skin problems? He eats fairy healthily and has started taking selenium, zinc, goji berry capsules and a daily multivitamin. However, he works long hours, which, his mother feels, isn't helping his immune system. What do readers advise?

Sadly, we've only had one suggestion for this reader's son: a product by Thursday Plantation called Tea Tree Herbal Skin Wash. According to Barbara, it works wonders for acne.

E-news broadcast 14 March 2007 No.341

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