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Oral thrush

MagazineMay 2007 (Vol. 18 Issue 2)Oral thrush

A reader's sister has a two-week-old baby girl who is suffering from oral thrush

A reader's sister has a two-week-old baby girl who is suffering from oral thrush. Her doctor has prescribed nystatin, but, due to the side effects, the mother is reluctant to give the drug to her baby. Her sister has recovered from a yeast infection by using a combination of caprylic acid, neem, garlic, artemisia, cinnamon, Pau d'Arco and grape seed extract, however, she feels this would be a little strong for a baby. Do readers have any other natural suggestions?

Ania had the same problem with her baby and treated it successfully with the homeopathic remedy Borax (6c). She has the following advice for your sister: "You can put one of the Borax pills in some cooled boiled water and give a teaspoon to your baby a few times a day. It is also worth taking this remedy yourself if you are breastfeeding. In addition, avoid tea, coffee, alcohol, sugar and yeast-containing foods - and take acidophilus (probiotics) capsules. If the thrush spreads to your nipples, try rubbing some breast milk on them after a feed. This strategy worked extremely well for me."

Another reader thinks probiotics should be the main treatment for this baby. "There is a special baby acidophilus available from health food shops," explains Julie. "She should have it everyday during treatment and for at least a month afterwards. In fact, for such a young baby it may be wise to continue until she is about 12 weeks old." One recommended probiotic for infants is Biocare's Bifidobacterium infantis.

Alternatively, your sister could give herbal medicine a try. Michelle used this approach with her baby girl and the infection was gone in three or four weeks. See a qualified medical herbalist for an individual prescription.

E-news broadcast 1 May 2007 No. 355

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