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Cerebellar ataxia

MagazineMay 2007 (Vol. 18 Issue 2)Cerebellar ataxia

A male reader has been diagnosed with cerebellar ataxia, a disorder of the nervous system which affects balance and coordination

A male reader has been diagnosed with cerebellar ataxia, a disorder of the nervous system which affects balance and coordination. It's getting steadily worse. Do readers know of any natural treatments that may be able to help? Is oxygen therapy effective, he asks?

Several readers say a nutritional approach is the best way to treat this condition. Lynn, a nutritional therapist, has a lot of experience in dealing with cerebellar ataxia as her entire family on her father's side have had it. She has some useful advice:
"I have had symptoms of this in the past, but I discovered nutritional therapy by accident and had incredible positive results from following a macrobiotic diet. Following that, I decided to train to become a nutritional therapist so I could help others with similar problems. In your case, first of all I would get information from a hair mineral test to look for toxicities and imbalances. I would also check for parasites and Candida, which thrive in heavy metal toxicity. Cerebellar ataxia is associated with dental disease from leaking amalgams, although this may not be the case here. My family used to work in factories that made instruments like barometers using a lot of mercury. Everyone is individual but removing gluten and dairy is essential because of sensitivity of the nervous system. There may be other intolerances. I would say that there should be good improvements with help from an experienced nutritional therapist."

Another reader reckons homeopathy can help. Three years ago she was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder with various symptoms including ataxia. Conventional medicine could do nothing for her, but a qualified homeopath worked wonders. Contact the Society of Homeopaths to find a practitioner near you (

E-news broadcast 24 April 2007 No. 353

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