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ME: Other things you can do

MagazineJune 2007 (Vol. 18 Issue 3)ME: Other things you can do

Check for food allergies or candida albicans - nearly 50 per cent ofpatients with ME have Candida albicans

Check for food allergies or candida albicans - nearly 50 per cent of patients with ME have Candida albicans. After having this diagnosis confirmed through a detailed questionnaire and possibly a biological test, find an experienced, qualified practitioner who will place you on an anti-candida diet and prescribe anti-fungals; many patients report success with time-released caprylic acid, herbal formulations and grapefruit seed extracts, if you don't want to take drugs like Nystatin.

Check for intestinal parasites. Noted American nutritionist Leo Galland discovered that, in a study of 200 ME patients, 28 per cent were infected with Giardia lamblia, an intestinal parasite. Galland tests for giardia with a rectal swab test or multiple stool examinations and treats it with artemisia annua, a Chinese herb classically used for malaria, rather than with the more toxic drug Fasigyn (Flagyl in the US).

Herbs that may help. According to a questionnaire, sufferers have found relief with herbs (to cleanse the lymphatic systems, and support the liver, adrenals and nervous system), acupuncture, massage with essential oils, homoeopathy and healing. Deep relaxation, autogenic training, meditation and counselling can alleviate the stress of living with ME.

Find an experienced ME practitioner. No diet and supplementation programme or therapy regime should be embarked upon without the guidance of a qualified practitioner. Don't be shy about seeking out the most experienced practitioner and asking about his success rate in curing patients.

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