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Infant with constant infections

MagazineJune 2007 (Vol. 18 Issue 3)Infant with constant infections

A reader would appreciate any help and advice for her 10-month-old grandson, who always seems to be unwell

A reader would appreciate any help and advice for her 10-month-old grandson, who always seems to be unwell. He suffers from wheezing, thought to be asthma, and has had several bouts of conjunctivitis. He is also prone to upper respiratory tract infections. He is not eating very well and his grandmother is concerned he may be undernourished. What do readers recommend?

According to Henry, "Antibiotics, vaccines and a poor nutritional status could be working to drag the immune system down." He recommends eating anti-inflammatory foods and avoiding pro-inflammatory foods such as sugar and cows' milk. Also, make sure the child is getting plenty of essential fatty acids, he advises.

Several readers suggest homeopathy for this child. "As a registered homeopath with a lot of experience of working with young children, I have found that homeopathy works wonders with children who are repeatedly ill with various infections," says Gill. "The children respond so well and only need treatment for a short time to make a huge difference to their level of health." To find a practitioner in your area contact the Society of Homeopaths ( or the Alliance for Registered Homeopaths (

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