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Tell tale signs of protein or carbo overload

MagazineFebruary 2005 (Vol. 15 Issue 11)Tell tale signs of protein or carbo overload

The cells in your body are like little woodfires

The cells in your body are like little woodfires. If they burn too fast (too much carbohydrate for your type), it's only a quick burst that soon peters out. If they burn too slowly (too much fat and protein), it's a weak flame producing very little heat. Here are the likely responses with:

Too much carbohydrate for your metabolic type
* Short-term responses
Headache, anxiety, feel unsatisfied Jumpy mind, ADHD-like behaviour
Get hungry quickly (low blood sugar) Tired but wired, jittery
Crave fat, protein or sweets Nervous energy - highs and lows

* Long-term responses
Exaggerated stress response Neck-shoulder pain
Depression Lower-back pain
Pimples Poor sleep
Constipation Autonomic dysregulation
Toxicity Adrenal stress
Insulin resistance and diabetes Immune suppression

Too much protein and fat for your metabolic type

* Short-term responses
Lethargy, sleepiness Feel full, but hungry
Dull or depressed mood May crave sweets
Mentally sluggish or slow May crave coffee or tea
Heavy gut

* Long-term responses
Autonomic dysfunction Abnormal blood pressure
Depression, obesity Adrenal fatigue
Toxicity, foul body odour Neck-shoulder pain
Low energy, crave sweets Headache
Poor response to exercise, Hormonal dysregulation
especially aerobic Lower-back pain
Rapid ageing General ill health

Antacids for indigestion

Pregnant women prescribed dangerous drugs

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