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July 2020 (Vol. 5 Issue 5)

The best alternative treatment for . . . burns injuries

About the author: 

The best alternative treatment for . . . burns injuries image

Aloe vera and honey are the better known alternative remedies for burns

Aloe vera and honey are the better known alternative remedies for burns. Aloe vera's moisturising, anti-inflammatory and mildly antiseptic effects are well recognised (J Med Assoc Thai, 2000; 83: 417-25; Adv Drug React Toxicol Rev, 2001; 20: 89-103). The efficacy of honey as a burns treatment was confirmed in a study comparing honey with silver sulphadiazine: 87 per cent of burns patients treated with honey were healed within 15 days, significantly more than the 10 per cent in the silver sulphadiazine group (Br J Surg, 1991; 78: 497-8). Other useful alternatives include:

* St John's wort used as a cream or oil can speed the healing of burns. It is anti-infective, as shown by its ability to fight free radicals (Life Sci, 2001; 69: 181-90). In a study where second- and third-degree burns were treated with St John's wort cream, the wounds healed three times faster than with conventional methods - and without scarring (Ger Offen, 1975; 2: 406-52).

* Calendula extract topically applied to burns wounds markedly stimulated cell regeneration - at least in rats - possibly by boosting the utilisation of certain proteins for cell growth (Acta Physiol Pharmacol Bulg, 1982; 8: 63-7). It is also anti-inflammatory, as seen in another animal study (Phytochemistry, 1996; 43: 1255-60).

* Gotu kola (Centella asiatica) contains asiaticosides, which stimulate the fats and proteins needed for healthy skin, and glycosides, which help in wound-healing and anti-inflammatory activities. Laboratory and animal studies have shown its beneficial effects on cell reproduction and collagen synthesis at the site of a wound (Indian J Exp Biol, 1996; 34: 1208-11; Connect Tissue Res, 1990; 24: 107-20).

* Moist exposed burns ointment (MEBO), an oil-based ointment developed by the Chinese as an alternative to conventional silver-based creams, contains beta-sitosterol (anti-inflammatory), berberine (antimicrobial), sesame oil and small quantities of other plant ingredients. MEBO provides effective pain relief for burns (J Burn Care Rehabil, 2003; 24: 289-96), and is just as effective at wound-healing as silver sulphadiazine, but more convenient to use; it also creates less unwanted sloughing during healing (Ann Acad Med Singapore, 2000; 29: 7-10).

* Boiled potato peel, used by doctors in a Bombay hospital instead of gauze dressings, proved effective for burns wounds (Burns, 1990; 16: 137-43). When tested on full-thickness skin lesions in rats, the skin and wounds were completely repaired within 14 days (Burns, 1991; 17: 323-8). However, potato peels would mainly be used as an adjunct to topical medication.

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I feel and sleep well with welldorm

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