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Natural alternatives to statins

MagazineJune 2004 (Vol. 15 Issue 3)Natural alternatives to statins

If you're worried about cholesterol and want to reduce it, here's what you can do:

If you're worried about cholesterol and want to reduce it, here's what you can do:

* Follow a Montignac low-glycaemic diet (low processed carbohydrates), which lowers cholesterol (for more information, order a copy of The Secrets of Longevity from our offices)

* Eat foods containing high levels of beta-sitosterol, found in most plants, especially soybeans, as they can reduce cholesterol by at least 10 per cent (Ann Nutr Metab, 1995; 39: 291-5)

* Take omega-3 fatty-acid supplements, preferably with vitamin B6 (Circulation, 2002; 105: 1897-903)

* Eat a high-fibre diet based on vegetables, fruits and nuts (Metabolism, 2001; 50: 494-503); oat bran, apple pectin and psyllium are especially helpful (Am J Clin Nutr, 1979; 32: 346-63)

* Take up to 3000 mg/day of niacin, but beware of overdosing (Curr Cardiol Rep, 2003; 5: 470-6)

* Try blue-green algae supplements; they contain large amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids which may reduce cholesterol (Proceedings of the American Chemical Society meeting, March 1999)

* Don't forget garlic (Allium sativum), which lowers cholesterol (Ann Intern Med, 1993; 119: 599-605)

* Try guggul, an Ayurvedic remedy that prevents atherosclerosis, and raises 'good' HDL by an impressive 60 per cent (J Assoc Phys India, 1989; 37: 323-8).

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