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June 2004 (Vol. 15 Issue 3)

MagazineJune 2004 (Vol. 15 Issue 3)

This issue

FEATURE Triptans for migraine

* Larium under investigationThe US army has launched a study into the side-effects of antimalarial drug mofloquine (Lariam) following allegations that the drug might be linked to suicides among the troops stationed in Iraq

FEATURE The link with statins and mercury

For all the scares about cancer, heart disease is still the number-one killer disease in the West

FEATURE Spinal tap

What's it for? The human brain and spinal cord are surrounded by a watery fluid called cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)

FEATURE There's a link between dental fillings and aids

I recently came across a story in a newspaper that claimed that AIDS is linked to dental fillings

FEATURE Spinal tap

There are no real alternatives to lumbar puncture, and few guidelines as to who should and should not have this procedure

FEATURE Bach flower remedies can treat depression

The Bach flower remedies have an international reputation for efficacy in treating emotional negativity and are completely safe for any age groups, so I was disappointed they were not mentioned in your article on depression (WDDTY vol 14 no 10)

FEATURE Where can i purchase coleus for my glaucoma?

I have glaucoma and was prescribed Xalaton

FEATURE Statins: the other downsides

In addition to suppressing CoQ10 and possibly causing CHF, the major side-effects of statins include muscle pain and weakness (myopathy), liver and kidney damage, and a potentially fatal muscle-wasting disorder called rhabdomyolysis

FEATURE Wireless modem affected my heartbeat

Last July, out of the blue, I developed a disruption to my heart rhythm

FEATURE Safe ways to prevent (and treat) heart failure

CHF is no different from any other heart problem in that it seems to be caused mainly by diet and lifestyle

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